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The short and troubled times of Metro

By davidp
  • Metro revolution

    Metro revolution
    Metro officially takes over Connex, as the Victorian metropolitan train operator. Its first branded train goes to Parliament station.
  • Heat wave

    Heat wave
    The end of a torrid Monday for the new contractors, with 43-degree heat resulting in the cancellation of 247 of 2050 scheduled services.
  • trains like Sardines... more so

    trains like Sardines... more so
    Andrew Lezala, the Metro chief executive makes public his dissatisfaction with the current state of his network, and intention of more trains to double the patronage. "The performance of the railways is not good enough," Mr Lezala said.
  • Metro want out?

    Metro want out?
    Metro chief executive, Andrew Lezala, is forced to publish a letter to quell consistent rumours of Metro wanting to break its 8-year contract.
  • Punctuality not being met

    Punctuality not being met
    Metro is fined the maximum of $3 million dollars as a result of its lateness within the April-June quarter.
  • Early morning chaos

    Early morning chaos
    A power outage at Southern Cross Station, results in bedlam affecting peak services on multiple lines. Later that Friday a free day of train transport is used in compensation.
  • $1 million dollar fine

    $1 million dollar fine
    14% of trains were found to have run late, with 30% of Frankston trains being reported as delayed in July.