New Deal

By amyg
  • FDR Elected

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected as the 32nd president,
  • Federal Emergecny Relief Act

    Congress passes act, which authorizes immediate grants to states for relief projects. Unemployment has reached 14 million-over one quarter of the nation's work force.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    Congress establishes the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to construct dams and power plants along the Tennessee Valley; electricity will go to residents, many of whom lacked it previously, and fertilizer will be sold.
  • Civil Works Administration

    FDR establishes by executive order the Civil Works Administration (CWA) to provide work for some four million unemployed over the winter months. It ceases operation in March 1934.
  • Rural Electrification Administration

    FDR establishes the Rural Electrification Administration to help bring electricity to areas previously where it was previously unavailable.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act