Education Timeline (1944-2010)

By nabs
  • 1944 Education Act ('The Butler Act')

    Education Minister R.A Butler introduced this act through parliament. It provides free compulsory secondary education for all from ages 5-15 with the intention of raising it to 16 in the future.
  • School leaving age raised to 16

    School leaving age raised to 16
    The 1972 Raising of the School Leaving Age Order meant school leaving age finally raised to 16 about 30 years after the recommendation from the 1944 Education Act.
  • 1973 Education (Work Experience) Act

    Work Experience in last year of education for children under the school leaving age made compulsory.
  • 1975 Education Act

    Provisions of the 1962 Education Act were extended requiring LEA's to give mandatory grants to students doing teacher training courses,HND's and DipHE. Also to awarding grants for adult education courses.
  • 1980 Education Act

    Obligation for free milk and school meals removed. LEA's could provide these for low income families.
  • 1981 Education Act

    Children with needs previously categoried as handicap replaced to SEN. LEA's were given specific responsibilitys to identify the needs of children who had learning problems.
  • The birth of Nabs!

    The birth of Nabs!
    Yes i was born on friday the 13th of November 1981. Unlucky for some but lucky for my mum!
  • Started Nursery :-(

    Started Nursery :-(
    My first day of nursery at Somerville Primary School. Nursery was part time only 2.5 hrs a day 5 days a week.
  • Started School

    Started School
    Started my primary years of education at Somerville Infants & Junior School. This took me from reception all the way to year 6. The school was only down the road but I was still escorted to and from school!
  • GCSE & coursework introduced

    O levels abolished and GCSE's introduced. Also introduction of coursework where you can complete whole exam subjects solely by coursework! :( to assess application of knowledge rather than memorisation of facts.
  • 1988 Education Reform Act

    Common curriculum now called the National Curriculum introduced to pupils of compulsory school age.

    National testing (SATs) introduced to test 5, 7 & 11 year olds in core subjects.
  • Ofsted Introduced

    Schools inspected to improve standards in education and childcare.
  • The Dearing Review

    The Dearing Review
    Sir Ron Dearing in his report the Dearing Report recommended for a slimmed scale curriculum and for simple testing methods for pupil assessment. He also recommended vocational/academic pathways for students 14-19.
  • Started Secondary School

    Started Secondary School
    I was sent to Bordesley Green Girls' School even though there was another secondary school 2 mins away. Bordesley Green is a single sex school
  • End of GCSE's & End of Secondary School

    End of GCSE's & End of Secondary School
    My last GCSE examination today and last day of school. I was warned well in advance these GCSE results will decide my future. Good results=permission to study post 16.
  • Made it to College!

    Made it to College!
    Having gained excellant GCSE results i was allowed to attend college. As the single sex school i attended didn't have a sixth form at the time, I attended Cadburys Sixth Form College.I studied A levels.
  • Started University

    Started University
    Having made it through clearing i got into Coventry University to study my BSc in Computer Science. I was again threatened by my parents if i fail any year i would have to drop out. Incentive to achieve or what!!!
  • 2004 The Children Act

    Every child matters was the basis of this act. It integrated services for children and support for them and their familys.

    Graduation day! Proudest day of my life. I got a Bsc Hons in Computer Science. Coventry University was great really enjoyed studying there.

    Edd balls the school secretary at this time announced that the S.A.T's would be abolished for good. These tests were hugely critised and this announcement was welcomed by teachers and some parents.
  • Teaching Volunteer

    Since 2004 worked in numerous fields including a doctors surgey, the pension service and later an advice centre. None of which were anything to do with I.T. I decided to do 6wks voluntary work at Waverley Secondary School to distinguish wether i should go into teaching as i enjoyed my subject and loved working with children.
  • Cover Supervisor

    Still working at the Advice Centre part time i joined Aspire People Agency & did some work as a Cover Supervisor. It was very challenging but rewarding and i gained some classroom experience.
  • Started PGCE!

    With my daughter starting nursery, my own home, a supportive husband and no peer pressure i decided to finally do my PGCE and work as a teacher something that i wanted to do for ages. 6 years since leaving Uni but atleast im doing what i want now!