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An Education Timeline : 1944 - 2010

  • Education Act

    Education Act
    <b>Conservative MP Rab Butler</b> <b>The three stages of education were established:</b>
    - Primary
    - Secondary
    - Further Education <b>It also introduced three different types of school: </b>
    - Grammar schools
    - Secondary Modern schools
    - Technical schools for specialist education. <b>It included: </b>
    - Free, compulsary education to the age of 15.
    - Free education to the age of 18 for all who wanted it.
  • The McNair Report

    The McNair Report
    The McNair report explores educational reconstruction in the years following the war. It discussed recruitment, retention, and quality provision for the training of teachers. Including raising the teaching status and attracting professionals back to the job through building improvements and reduced class sizes.
  • The Fleming Report

    The Fleming Report
    <b>The Fleming Report</b> Investigated how Independent Schools might be integrated into the State system. This reform was never implemented.
  • School Milk Act

    School Milk Act
    <b>Free School Milk</b>
    One-third of a pint of milk free to all pupils under eighteen.
  • Winston Churchill Conservative

    Winston Churchill Conservative
    Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill After being educated at Harrow he went to the Royal Military College at Sandhurst. Even as an icon, Churchill generally did poorly in school for which he was regularly punished. He was educated at three independent schools
  • The Crowther Report

    The Crowther Report
    <b>The Crowther Report made recommendations to:</b>
    • Raise the school leaving age to 16.
    • Cater for a wider academic ability not just students bound for university.
    • Provide courses other than 'A Level'.
    • Recommend the expansion of FE.
  • Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE)

    Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE)
    Secondary school examinations other than GCE led to the introduction of the Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE). A grade 1 in CSE is equivalent to an O level pass therefore can be counted as evidence of level 2 personal skills in literacy or numeracy.
  • Newsom Report

    Newsom Report
    'Half Our Future' The report looks at the education of 13-16 year olds with an ability recognised as average, and less than average. "To consider the education between the ages of 13 and 16 of pupils of average or less than average ability who are or will be following full-time courses either at schools or in establishments of further education. The term education shall be understood to include extra-curricular activities."
  • The Plowden Report

    The Plowden Report
    'Children and their Primary Schools' <b>The report promoted child-centred education:</b>
    - Every child is an individual. <b>Every child develops at their own rate:</b>
    • Physical.
    • Intellectual.
    • Emotional.
    It is described as an experimental approach.
  • School Leaving Age of 16

    School Leaving Age of 16
    The school leaving age was last raised from 15 to 16 years of age.
  • Sex Discrimination Act

    Sex Discrimination Act
    Discrimination on the grounds of sex became illegal for the first time!
  • Race Relations Act

    Race Relations Act
    Discrimination on the grounds of race became illegal for the first time!
  • The Warnock Report

    The Warnock Report
    'Special educational needs' Report of the Committee of Enquiry into the Education of Handicapped Children and Young People Every teacher should appreciate that up to one child in five is likely to require some form of special educational help at some time during his school career Special education may be provided not only in separate schools or classes but also, with suitable support, in the regular classes of ordinary schools.
  • Margaret Thatcher Conservative

    Margaret Thatcher Conservative
    Margaret Thatcher was Britain's first female prime minister. She served three consecutive terms in office. She is one of the dominant political figures of 20th century Britain, and Thatcherism continues to have a huge influence. Leader of the Conservative Party:
    11 February 1975 – 28 November 1990
  • Education (Special Education) Act

    Education (Special Education) Act
    <b>The act following the 1978 Warnock Report, Gave parents new rights in relation to special needs:</b>
    • 'Handicapped' defined as 'special education need'.
    • LEAs identify and assess special needs.
    • Children with special needs to be educated in mainstream schools provided their needs can be met.
  • My Birthday !

    My Birthday !
    The day I was born, introducing another arguementative scorpio to the world. My sister who is five years older, has inherited a brother, when she wanted a sister. From this day on I have someone to compete against in education (and attention).
  • Introducing NVQ

    Introducing NVQ
    Introduced to accredit competence in the workplace and run parallel in school and colleges. A range of activites included: NVQ, TVEI, YOP.
  • City Technology Colleges

    Schools funded partially by business. Schools were allowed to select pupils based on attitude. Funded directly by government and free from LEA control.
  • GCSEs All Subjects

    GCSEs All Subjects
    <b>New assessment methods to raise attainment:</b> Coursework
    Application of knowledge
  • Education Reform Act

    Education Reform Act
    <b>A National Curriculum with mandatory core subjects:</b> -English
    - Maths
    - Science Providing opportunities to all pupils, and demonstrating responsibility and experience for life.
  • Chase Terrace Nursery School

    Chase Terrace Nursery School
    Chase Terrace Nursery School would be where I made my first real best friend, however because this nursery was a feeder school for Chase Terrace Primary School, I would never see him again because I was the only pupil in the whole year to go to Highfields Primary School which was two miles away.
  • Highfields Primary School

    Highfields Primary School
    I started Highfields Primary School which was 5 minutes away from my house, which also meant I finally did not cry anymore when I was left alone. I made my best friends here which I still see 20 years later. <a href='' >
  • OFSTED Established

    OFSTED Established
    Office For Standards In Education <b>An in depth inspection on the school and it's wider issues:</b>
    • Equality
    • Teaching
    • Learning
    • Value for money
  • SEN Code of Practice

    SEN Code of Practice
    The need for a SENCO (special educational needs co ordinator) in every school was identified. The SEN Tribunal was set up for parents to make appeals.
  • Education Act

    Education Act
    Abolition of Assisted Places Scheme KS1 class sizes were reduced to 30. More teachers were required to cope with the lower class numbers to provide more classes, but with no extra funding.
  • Tony Blair New Labour

    Tony Blair New Labour
    New Labour, New Britain.
  • Chase Terrace High School

    Chase Terrace High School
    I started Chase Terrace High School just as my sister was leaving high school. It was within walking distance from my house which made it an easy life. As year 7 we were isolated from the rest of the school to help us settle in and meet new people from other schools. <a href='' >
  • School Standards Framework Act

    Raising standards in disadvantaged urban and rural areas New school categories: Community schools.
    Voluntary Aided.
    Voluntary Controlled. Large sums of money were applied for improvement but short term targets were made.
  • Curriculum 2000

    Curriculum 2000
    <b>Encouraging students to broaden their horizons beyond three A-levels</b> Following the Review of Qualifications for 16–19 year olds (Sir Ron Dearing, 1996) that the government decided the “post-16 curriculum in England was too narrow and inflexible" The reform meant that all subjects would be modular, students would do Key Skills, and it would be easier to do a mixture of academic and vocational work.
  • Chase Terrace High School Changes

    Chase Terrace High School Changes
    Chase Terrace High School becomes Chase Terrace Technology College. New logo, new attitude, and new hardware to play with in lesson !
  • GCSE Results Day

    GCSE Results Day
    Convinced I had failed, I went to recieve my GCSE results. Everyone, including my mom was suprised I had passed every single one at grade B and C (D in French).
  • Chase Terrace Technology College Fire

    Chase Terrace Technology College Fire
    In the summer of 2002 the school was flattened by a blaze three weeks before I was due to start my A levels, interesting two years ahead for A level. With days a new school was to be built. "Pheonix From The Flames" was born.
  • CTTC 6th Form

    CTTC 6th Form
    Chase Terrace Technology College 6th Form life begins. My subjects were: <b>Technology Design</b>
    <b>Maths</b> These changed after three weeks to : <b>Technology Design</b>
    <b>Environmental Science</b>
  • Every Child Matters

    Every Child Matters
    <b>The children Act 'Every Child Matters':</b> Success for every child ?
    • Out of school activities
    • Community facilities
    • Family support
    • Access to specialist services
  • A Level Results Day

    A Level Results Day
    A level results day and I was more convinced I had failed these than my GCSEs. I was wrong again and managed to attain a B, C, C which to this day I am convinced was B, B, C. Mixed emotions however with friends not getting what they required and having to retain some joy in their presence. University ahoy.
  • Lichfield College HND

    Lichfield College HND
    I avoided going to university, because I was unsure it was what I wanted to do. I Studied a HND in Multimedia and Internet Technology at Lichfield Campus with the course ran by Staffordshire University with the option of topping it up after to a degree. I went with my best mate and we performed really well and had a great time in the process.
  • National Strategy for Secondary Education

    The key stage 3 strategy will promote: Interactive and inclusive whole class teaching.
    Small group and 1 to 1 tuition for those who need it.
    Innovative use of ICT in the classroom and at home. "Engage pupils and parents as partners in learning."
  • Staffordshire University Degree

    Staffordshire University Degree
    At Staffordshire University I topped up my HND to an Internet Technology BSc Hons Degree. It was the best educational decision I have made so far in this timeline.
  • Staffordshire University Industry Experience

    Staffordshire University Industry Experience
    I took the option of having industry experience while at university. I got paid, learned a lot of new skills, developed a business approach to working, and it led to my first and second job away from education.
  • Gordon Brown Labour

    Gordon Brown Labour
    Stressed education, international development, narrowing inequalities to pursue 'equality of opportunity and fairness of outcome'. To resign in 2010
  • Staffordshire University Graduation

    Staffordshire University Graduation
    I graduated from university with my best mate. I managed to attain a 2:1 Upper Division in Internet Technology and could not have been happier with the outcome and the effort I had put in. A very proud day for all who was there.
  • PGCE ICT Wolverhampton University

    PGCE ICT Wolverhampton University
    I Started a PGCE in ICT at Wolverhampton University after working in industry for over 2 years and realised that I wanted to achieve something more than just a comfortable job. Teaching would be the career that would test me, motivate me and help me to continue to learn new skills.