2009 spec xray 808

Games Timeline

By rcrob
  • computer space

    the first video game made
  • pong

  • astroid

  • Gran Trak 10, Tank, Qwak

  • Crash n' Score, Gun Fight, Indy 800, Seawolf, Shark, Speedway, Steeplechase

  • Breakout, Death Race, Night Driver, Sprint 2, Stunt Cycle

  • Boot Hill, Canyon Bomber, Space Wars, Speed Freak, Super Bug

  • Atari Football, Avalanche, Battle Shark, Fire Truck, Sky Diver, Space Invaders, Super Breakout

  • Atari Basketball, Asteroids, Galaxian, Lunar Lander, Subs, Sprint 4, Tailgunner

  • Asteroids Deluxe, Astro Invader, Battlezone, Berzerk, Star Castle, Defender, Eagle, Missile Command, Monaco GP, Moon Cresta, PacMan, Phoenix, Radar Scope, Space Chaser, Star Castle, Tempest, Rally X, Warlords, Wizard of War

  • Centipede, Cosmic Avenger, Crazy Climber, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Galaga, Gorf, Lady Bug, Make Trax, Mouse Trap, Ms. PacMan, Qix, Satan's Hollow, Space Panic, Stargate, Super Cobra, Tempest, Turbo, Vanguard, Wizard of Wor

  • Amidar, Bagman, Burgertime, Buck Rogers, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong Junior, Joust, Jungle King, Mr. Do!, Moon Patrol, Pengo, Pole Position, Popeye, Pooyan, Q-bert, Robotron 2084, Space Duel, Star Trek, Time Pilot, Tron, Tutankham, Xevious, Zaxxon

  • Arabian, Bubbles, Cliff Hanger, Congo Bongo, Discs of Tron, Dragons Lair, Elevator Action, Gravitar, Gyruss, Krull, M.A.C.H. 3, Mad Planets, Mappy, Mario Bros, Mr Do's Castle, Popeye, Spy Hunter, Star Wars, Track and Field

  • I, Robot, Karate Champ, Marble Madness, Pac-Land, Punch-Out!, Root Beer Tapper,

  • Choplifter, Gauntlet, Ghosts n' Goblins, Gradius, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Space Harrier, Vs. Super Mario Bros

  • Arkanoid, Joust 2, Outrun, Rampage, Space Harrier

  • First hand held machine from Nintendo, called "Game Boy". Tetris is produced for the Game Boy in Russia.

  • Sega releases the Sega Genesis

  • Sonic is produced by Sega in response to Nintendo's Mario.

  • Sony releases the Playstation in Japan

  • Nintendo releases the Nintendo 64

  • Dreamcast - 128 bit processor - is released in the UK.

  • Playstation 2 is released.

  • In September, Nintendo releases the Gamecube

  • In November, Microsoft enters the console market with the Xbox. Halo is released at launch, boosting sales.

  • Nintendo releases the Nintendo DS, a portable system with two screens, one of which can be used as a touch screen.

  • Sony releases the PSP, a portable system with a large, high-resolution display.Microsoft unveils the XBox 360, a console system to be released in November 2005. Sony and Nintendo's competing console systems are planned for release in 2006.

  • Nintendo releases the Wii, a gaming system that lets gamers use the controller in revolutionary ways, such as swinging it like a tennis racket, holding and tilting it like a steering wheel, and more.Sony also debuts the Playstation 3, a very sophisticated

  • the playstation 3 is realised

  • Nintendo releases Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. It continues the adventures of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach as they face their old foe Bowser.

  • Grand Theft Auto 4 breaks sales records its first week after gamers bought more than 6 million copies. The Wii Fit is launched, adding even more incentive for gamers of all ages to get up and move!

  • With over 40 million units sold, Nintendo's Wii Sports becomes the best-selling video game of all time. The previous record holder was another Nintendo game: Super Mario Bros