• Articles Of Confederation

    Articles Of Confederation
    America's First National Constitution!!
  • Revolutionary War ENDS!!

    Revolutionary War ENDS!!
    The Battle Of Yorktown Ended The Revolutionary War. This Was The Battle Between George Washinton And Rochambeau With French Carribean Fleet And Cornwallis. The Fleet Blockaded The British Ships From Coming In To Rescue Cornwallis And His Troups While Washington And His Troop trapped Cornwallis In The Peninsula Of. Cornwallis Surrendered, Thus Ending The War.
  • Land Ordinance Of 1785

    Land Ordinance Of 1785
    The Land Won In The War Would Be Surveyed And Divided Into A Neat Grid. When The District Reached A Population Of 20,000 It Would Be Considered A State.
  • Constitution Convention

    Constitution Convention
  • Madison Speaks To Congress And Proposes Amendments

    Madison Speaks To Congress And Proposes Amendments