Roaring 20's

  • The 18th amendment

    The 18th amendment
    The 18th amendment was passed. This amendment was the start to prohibition the amendment made it illegal to manufacture, sell, and transport alcohol. Didn’t mean alcohol was illegal but where was anyone going to get it. This had changed society drastically. There were fewer arrests of drunks; price went up of what alcohol there was so workers couldn’t afford it so they had money for other things.
  • The 19th amendment

    The 19th amendment
    The 19th amendment was passed. This amendment has stated that no state or federal government could deny any person based on their sex to vote. This made a lot of people in the government think twice because not only did they have to win over the men for their vote but now they have women.
  • First commercial radio

    First commercial radio
    The commercial radio first aired in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania by KDKA. They had stations about educational stuff and broadcasted them in classrooms. This was their way to start most class each day. The radio was very significant it help spread news quicker and gave the people home entertainment.
  • The emergency quota act

    The emergency quota act
    The emergency quota act became present. This act was to limit how many immigrants entered the United States. They lowered it to 3% of each country could be living in the United States. This was good for Americans back then because they were afraid of communism and terrorist taking over.
  • birth control

    birth control
    Margret Sanger began the American birth control league. The league was formed to help protect women and not have has many young pregnancies.
  • eapot dome scandle

    eapot dome scandle
    Albert Fall got convicted of selling or trading oil from Elk hills, and Teapot Dome illegally. This Oil was on reserve for the navy. The trail lasted 2 weeks he was found guilty and was sentenced to 6 months in prison.
  • Scopes trial

    Scopes trial
    John Thomas Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching evolution in school. This is also known has “Monkey Trial”. He had a lawyer for free to defend that science theory. The Tennessee State was trying to prove that the world coming together had nothing to do with science it was all religious. Needless to say when the other guy got on stand he couldn’t answer is question. This changed people’s mind it made them question their religion if he couldn’t defend the religion than why should they b
  • Sacco & Vennzetti

    Sacco & Vennzetti
    Sacco & Vennzetti were charged with the murder of Alessandro Berardelli. They ended up being guilty. They did not have a fair trial at all the reason why is because they were immigrants and no one could trust them. This was to show how the people in this time age were nervous about immigrants and communism.
  • Period: to

    Charles lindbergh

    Charles lindbergh started the engine of the “Spirit of St. Louis:” He took off with 500 people watching he flew 33 and half hours and 3.500 miles and landed in Paris he was the first to fly across the Atlantic alone. This shows how much the states are growing and inventing.
  • Penicillin

    Penicillin was discovered by a man named Alexander Fleming. He had bacteria left in a dish uncovered for a couple days. When he came back he noticed the mold growing in the corner and it had penicillin in the bacteria. This was great to find it changed the medical world drastically. This was incredible for the next war that is coming up. It saved many lives and was a great find.
  • St. Valintines day

    St. Valintines day
    St. Valentine’s Day massacre had happened. This was the title name given to the day were 7 people died because of prohibition. This made the government decided it wasn’t a good idea to Prohibition alcohol .