Communications Technology

By cspurr
  • Jan 1, 1021


    Lbn Al-Haytham invented the first pinhole camera in 1021.It was also referred to as the Camera Obscura. It wasn't until the year of 1827 that the first photo was taken on the camera by Joseph Nicéphore.
  • Braille

    Louis Braille lost his sight at 3, which later inspired him to find an alternative to reading because he was desperate to read. He devised the system commonly used today, which are those little bumps you would see on your bills for example, called braille.
  • Telegraph

    Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. The first message was sent in 1844, and it said, "What hath God wrought?" It was the main source of long distance communication until the telephone was invented.
  • Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell assembled and used the first telephone with the assistance of Thomas Watson. The very first sentence to be transmitted was, "Watson, come here; i want you." The phone was made of a wooden stand, a funnel, a cup of acid, and a copper wire.
  • Radio

    Electromagnetic waves (which are necessary to transmit speech, music, ect. through the air) were discovered before the radio. That discovery led to the first radio signal in 1895. Nikola Tesla was the first to paten radio technology, so he is usually credited for the invention.
  • Television

    J. L. Baird created the first television. A young boy from Baird's office was the first person to appear on the television. He was paid approximately $0.60 for his showing.
  • Walkie Talkie

    Walkie Talkie
    Don Hings invented the first walkie talkie. They weren't originally called walkie talkies, but simply a two-way field radio. They weren't very important until the war began in 1939, where they were considered a valuble military technology.
  • Cellular Phone

    Cellular Phone
    Dr. Martain Cooper designed the first cell phone, which weighed in at 2.5 lbs, had 35 minutes of talk time, and took ten hours to recharge. The only operations the phone could do, was to talk, dial, and listen.
  • Portable Computer

    Portable Computer
    The first protable computer was developed by Adam Osborne, weighed 24 lbs, and cost $1795 It was named Osborne 1.
  • Webcam

    The actual inventor of the webcam is unknown. All that is known is that the science department at Cambridge University invented it. A coffee pot in the Trojan room at the university was the first thing to appear on the webcam.
  • BlackBerry

    The company called Research in Motion released the BlackBerry in 1999. The device was almost named the StrawBerry, because of the keys resembling seeds. Instead, they went through many different names of fruits and vegetables with seeds before they finally landed on the BlackBerry.
  • iPod

    Apple came out with the first iPod in 2001, after noticing how large and difficult portable music devices were to carry around. They origionally only worked with Macs, which is probably why the first two years of sales were slow.