20's timeline

By tchen
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  • Volstead Act

    1920 defined “intoxicating liquor,” as any beverage which contained 0.5% alcohol by volume or higher would be covered under the act. Transport, sale, barter, trade, manufacture, delivery, processing, and possessing alcohol would all be considered illegal. Crime and punishment was also specified under the act for when it was broken. Prohibition was a major event because it was the cause of things that identify the 20s such as speakeasies.
  • Saco and Vanzetti

    were Italian anarchists immigrants who were convicted of murdering two men during a 1920 armed robbery in Massachusetts. After a controversial trial and a series of appeals, they were executed on August 23, 1927. This is important because it shows the major prejudice against immigrants during this time period.
  • Woman Granted the Right to Vote

    On August 18th 1920 the 19th amendment was ratified into the Constition. The amendment states that nobody will be denied the right to vote based on sex. This event changed voting in a way that still exist today.
  • Albert Einstein is Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics

    It was given to him for his theories of relativity, but mostly for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. This scientific law explained how and why some metals give off electrons after light falls on their surfaces. The discovery led to the development of modern electronics, including radio and television
  • Insulin Discovered

    Frederick Banting and his assistant Charles Best researched inside the pancreas of dogs because they believed the could find the cure for the sugar disease today know an diabetes. in 1921 they successfully tested it on dogs. The insulin was then prepared for human use. It was first tested on a human on January 11th, 1922 on a 14 year old boy who was dying and saved his life. This is important because it saves lifes still today.
  • President Harding Dies

    President Harding dies. No one who was with him could give the correct time of death. No one seemed to be sure who there in the San Francisco hotel room when passed. The four physicians who had been caring for Harding for the previous week could not agree on the cause of death. It had something to do with his heart but it could have been a stroke. The death of Harding is a mystery.
  • Coolidge Sworn In

    Vice President Calvin Coolidge is sworn into office as president. Calvin Coolidge filled the Vice Presidential slot in Republican Warren G. Harding's 1920 run for the White House. Coolidge was sworn in as President after the death of Harding
  • Scope Monkey Trial

    A trial against a teacher John Scopes for violating the Butler act which said that evolution could not be taught. The trial was both a religious or theological contest and brought people from all over the country to the trial. It was important because this was a time when people were starting to lean more towards science than religion.
  • Charles Lindbergh Flight across the Atlantic

    On May 20th, 1927 Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris in the Spirit of St. Louis. Lindbergh was not the first to fly across the Atlantic, but was the first to do it solo without any stops. Lindbergh was awarded $25,000 for the flight. This event made solo flying more popular.
  • First talking movie, The Jazz Singer

    The Jazz Singer was the first talking movie released also known as a talkie. The movie was a musical during the time of silent films. The release of this movie created a new way for movies to be seen along with the movie industry.
  • Black Tuesday

    Stock market crash also known as black tuesday occurred on Tuesday October 29th, 1929. Stocks lost 13% of their value that day and continued to fall for another month. The crash caused a major impact in the U.S and world economy. Some say it was the cause for the great depression.