U.S. Population timeline

By lilyrox
  • Period: to

    High Birthrate

    America had a high birthrate making the population triple. People had more kids to help on the farm.
  • Urban Population is Higher than Rural

    Urban Population is Higher than Rural
    Urban population becomes higher than rural because of more jobs in cities.
  • Interstate Built

    Interstate Built
    The interstate was built giving people ability to live further away from their workplace. Now, more people live in the suburbs than live in cities.
  • U.S. Household Shrinks

    U.S. Household Shrinks
    The average U.S. household shrank because of more divorces, less marriges, and less people having kids.
  • Older Population Grows

    Older Population Grows
    Better healthcare gives people the ability to live longer making the population of people over 65 grow.
  • 2000 Census

    2000 Census
    1) More women than men
    2) South and West states grew the most
    3) More racially diverse
    4) Largest population increase ever from 1990 to 2000 (13.2%)
    5) More multi-racial people than ever (2.4%)