• William Gilbert invented the term electricity

    William Gilbert, scientist and physician to Queen Elizabeth I, invented the term electricity (from the Greek word for amber, elecktra). He was the first person to describe the earth's magnetic field and to realise that there is a relationship between magnetism and electricity.
  • newspaper

    First daily newspaper
  • typewriter

    Englishmen, Henry Mill receives the first patent for a typewriter.
  • franklynflew his kite

    Benjamin Franklin, famous U.S. politician, flew a kite with a metal tip into a thunderstorm to prove that lightning is a form of electricity. He was very lucky he wasn't killed. Don't try this at home!
  • photograph

    Joseph Nicéphore Niépce achieves the first photographic image
  • microphone

    the first microphone.
  • telegraph

    Joseph Henry invents the first electric telegraph.
  • morse code

    Samuel Morse invents Morse code.
  • fax machine

    Samuel Morse invents the first long distance electric telegraph line.
    Alexander Bain patents the first fax machine.
  • role film camera

    George Eastman patents Kodak roll film camera.
  • answering machine

    First telephone answering machines.
  • radio

    Guglielmo Marconi transmits radio signals from Cornwall to Newfoundland - the first radio signal across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • comic books

    First regular comic books.
  • talking motion picture

    Thomas Edison demonstrated the first talking motion picture.
  • first cross continental call

    First cross continental telephone call made.
  • radio with stations

    First radios with tuners - different stations.
  • TV

    The television or iconoscope (cathode-ray tube) invented by Vladimir Kosma Zworykin - first television camera.
  • new TV

    Television broadcasts able to be taped and edited - rather than only live.
  • scheduled tv broadcasting

    Scheduled television broadcasts begin.
  • computers selling

    Computers are first sold commercially.
  • cell phoes in japan

    First cellular phone communication network started in Japan..
  • WWW.

    American government releases control of internet and WWW is born - making communication at lightspeed.
  • first robot to show emotion

    european reasearch team built the First robot able to develop and show emotions