history time lime

By farmer
  • Civil War

    This is when the civil war began because shoots were fired on Fort Sumter
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    This is the single most bloody battle of the civil war
  • Spanish American war

    The outcome of this war is the Teaty of Pairs.
  • WWI

    Millitary conflics begin in Europe in the summer of 1914
  • we enter the ist world war

    On this date is when we enter the biggest war in the hisrtory of the world
  • WWII

    This is the day that he entered the second world war
  • Koren war

    It was the first significant armed conflict of the cold war
  • Vietnam War

    This war kill form 4.5 million up 6 million people
  • Desert storm

    This war is also called the Gulf war and by Saddum Hussein called it the battle of all battles.
  • ME

    This is the day that i was born
  • Iraq war

    We bingin a war to look for wepons of mass destruction