• Tally goes to Pretty Town

    Tally lives in Ugly town but she wants to go to Pretty town to visit her best friend named Peris
  • Tally wears a pigmask

    Tally wears a pigmask
    When Tally is in pretty town she has to disguise herself so puts a pigmask on her face to cover her ugly face. The pretties chase her and call her piggy piggy
  • Tally meets Peris

    After she got chased in pretty town, she finally meets Peris, who had turned pretty. he wasnt that excited to meet Tally
  • Tally meets Shane

    When Tally is lost in Pretty Town she meets another ugly girl named Shane and they become really good friends. They will turn pretty on the same day and they have a lot in common
  • Tally rides a Hoverboard

    Shane loves riding hoverboard and she helps teaching Tally how to ride it and they have a lot of fun
  • Shane Runs Away

    Shane tells Tally that she is running away and all she does is leaves Tally a note, Shay is running away with David
  • Tally does not turn pretty

    Its tallys birthday (the day when she turns pretty) but it does turn out like what she thought. When she comes to the operation they take her into Special Circumstances and tell her that she will never turn pretty unless she tells everything about what happened to Shay.
  • Peris comes to visit

    Peris comes to Ugly Town to visit Tally, he asks her why she hasnt turned pretty yet, and he is vey curious about what happened between her and special circumstances, she promises Peris that she will turn pretty together with him