• Tally leaves uglytown

    Tally decides to try to find her best friend, Peris who lives in prettytown
  • Tally arives at pretty town

    Her first impression of Prettytown is that it is a noisy partycity that never sleeps and never worries.
  • Tally finds Peris

    Peris does not look very exited to find tally so dirty, and for crashing a the white tie party.
  • Tally arives at the manison

    Tally arives at the monision where paris lives. since she is an ugly she has put a pigs mask over her face.
  • The escape

    Because Tally is an uglie she canot be caught by the party's guests who think that the pig mask is a game. So ATlly makes a daring ecape by setting off a fake fire alarm, she also finds another uglie called shay.
  • Period: to

    Part One

  • Hover board

    Shay tries to teach Tally how to howerboard
  • Facial Morpho

    Tally makes a facial Morpho for Shay and they start discussing if what really is the point of the surgurey
  • Out of uglytown

    Shay and Tally decides to go out of ugly town and out to the greenland
  • Whitewater

    Tally and shay rides the white waters outside prettytown.
  • The rusty ruins

    Tally and shay arrives at the rusty ruins, which are the ruins of our society.
  • Rollercoaster

    Shay and Tally rides a rollercoaster from our days.
  • Dan

    Shay insists that tally should meet an uknown guy named dan who, acording to shay, actually exists out there.
  • Back to ugly town

    Shay and taly goes back to uglytown after visiting the rusty ruins
  • Best friends again?

    Tally and shay mett up and exchange hugs, apologies andcrazy taughts.
  • shay decides to leave

    shay decides to leave to a place at the green fields, called smokes. She leaves tally a coded message on how to get there.
  • The big day.

    The day when tally is going to get the operation is finally here, but hten something unexpected happens.
  • The specials.

    Tally meets a new cind of pretties, called specials and they start questioning her about shay.
  • Peris

    Peris finds tally and ask what happend about the operation. Then tally makes a promise that she wil do what ever it takes to get the operation.
  • The specials again.

    Tally comes back to the special to help them find tally so she can turn pretty, but this involves tally having to find smokes on her own
  • First day of the jurney

    it is the first day of tallys jurney to the smoke.
  • the smoke

    After 6 days of boarding and a whole lot of wondering, tally finally finds the smoke.
  • Happy reunion

    Tally and shay meet again, and shay shows tally around in the smoke. Tally is stunned from what she sees.
  • (allmost) activating the pendant

    Tally get really close to activating the pendant, but she changes her mind at the very last second.
  • The secret.

    David takes tally to meet his parents. but what starts of usual ends up beeing very unusual when david's parents tells tally the truth about the operation.
  • Getting rid of the pendant.

    Tally throws her pendant necklace on a fire.
  • The specials are coming to town

    The specials finds the smoke and captures the smokies as a result of Tally throng her on a fire.