Communication Changing Inventions.

  • Paul Revere Uses Word Of Mouth

    Paul Revere Uses Word Of Mouth
    Paul Revere hopped on his horse and started his journey to lexington,Massachusettes to warn Samual Adams,and John Hancock about the British invasion.He used the word of mouth to communicate.
  • Trains For Communication

    Trains For Communication
    In 1804 the first steam powered train was built,before the invention of steam engines horses pulled the wagons.Trains are used as sense of transportation.
  • Morse code

    Morse Code Was A Sense Of Communication using a pattern of dots and dashes,that were controlled by someone.Morse code was made easier to read when they decided to make indention on a piece of paper.It paved the road for the telephone to come years later.
  • phonograph cylinders

    The Phonograph Cylinder was the first way to record or produce sound.They were highly popular in 1888 to 1915 when they were callled "records".It was discovered originally for recording phone messages by Thomas Edison,in 1877.By 1929 mass production of Phonograph Cylinders had been completly stopped,Vynyl records replaced the cylinder.
  • Records.

    Edison had wanted to eliminate the cylinder in 1909,by creating a disc shaped device for audio,this device was called the Amberol Cylinder.They stayed highly popular until the release of compact disc in the 1980's,and are still used by djs.
  • Email

    Email wasnt always called Email,It was originally call MAILBOX,or SNDMSG.ARPANET had thousands of military official who used some form of Email by 1974.Email has completly changed our form of communication.
  • Mobile Phone

    Provides phone use to phones that can move freely around the world,using radio signals to communicate from device to device.Cellular phones also come with sms,a form of message,that other phones can recieve.With the popularity of mobile phones growing some people have eliminated the house phone.
  • Sms

    Sms or short message service is a message from a cellular device.You can now send and receive messages from a computer.Sms Has Changed everything we no longer have to call or email someone,it continuosly takes from the little face to face that we already lack.
  • Radio

    Radio is use of wireless telegraphy to broadcast music,news,sporting events and other things.Radios work because somewhere a radio station broadcast radiowaves that are picked up by antennas on a radio and then played through the speakers.The use of radios has helped advertise musicians,and companys.
  • Televison

    Television better known as T.V,is widely used for transmitting and recieving moving images,usually acompanied by sound.Television allows messages to be delivered to a mass amount of people easily.