Communication Technology

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    Communication Technology

  • Telegraph

    -created by Samuel Thomas von Sommering in Germany
    -it gave the idea of the speaking telegraph, or telephone.
    it allowed for communication between many kilometers.
  • first photographic image

    first photographic image
    -discovered by Joseph Nicephore Niepce with a camera obscura, which was originally used to just view objects and draw them
  • Comic Strip

    Comic Strip
    -Created by Rudolph Topffer in Switzerland
    -became the beginning of comics, which convey the culture of the time they were created, as well as possible influence to those reading, such as Benjamin Franklin's political comics.
  • Fax Machine

    Fax Machine
    -created by Alexander Bain in Scotland
    -used to telephone or radio line to transmit data into a hard copy
  • Typewriter

    -created by Christopher Latham Sholes in the U.S.
    -this became a quicker mode of written communication
  • Kinematoscope

    -created by Coleman Sellers in Philedelphia, Pennsylvania.
    -it was the beginning of cinema, using a sequence of pictures to create somewhat of an early video, showing movement
  • Microphone

    -Created by Emile Berliner
    -an addition to the telephone
  • Telephone

    -this was an extreme change of communication techonology, as it is still used widely all over the globe.
    -there was and still is a dispute of the actual creator, being many pioneers to the work but it was patented by Alexander Graham Bell
  • Phonograph

    -created by Thomas Edison in U.S.
    -began the ability to record sound, voice, music
  • Radio

    -"wireless telegraph"
    -discovered by David E. Hughes in Britain
  • QWERTY Key System

    QWERTY Key System
    -created by Carl G. Qwerty in Charleston, South Carolina
    -put letters most commonly used together to make typing on the typewriter even faster
    -sold the patent to Sholes-Gidden for their typewriters
  • Telephone Book

    Telephone Book
    -created by the New Haven District Telephone Company in New Haven, Connecticut
    -held only 50 names without numbers, because the operators would connect you.
    -increased the awareness of who had a phone and who could be called, therefore increasing the amount of communication people could have with each other.
  • Gramophone

    -created by Emile Berliner
    -based on the phonograph
    -first to use flat disks, made of glass, and could replay the sound MORE than once and with better quality.
  • trasnparent, rolling Kodak Film & Kodak Camera

    trasnparent, rolling Kodak Film & Kodak Camera
    -created by George Eastman, also became owner of Kodak company
    -Camera was easily handheld and you took the whole thing with the film to the developers. they refilled the camera, and developed the photos like they do today.
    -this allowed for a boom in photography, which was Eastman's goal; to create an easier method of photography so that it was available to everyone
  • Pay Phone Booth

    Pay Phone Booth
    -created by William Gray in Hartfold, Connecticut
    -first used inside the Hartford Bank
    -because not everyone had a phone, this was an easy way to have access to one, increasing telephone usage
  • Talking Picture Shows

    Talking Picture Shows
    -first showed for audiences in New York City
    -invented by Thomas Edison
    -another creation showing culture of time and place, as well as entertainment, which is still being improved
  • Answering Machines

    -created by Willy Muller
    -people could be away from their phones and still recieve messages, especially popular among Orthodox Jews, because they didn't answer their phone on Sabbath day.
    -people were now communicating without even being near a phone or being home.
  • Zeppelin

    -pre-blimp like
    -created by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, a German military officer
    -Jul 2, 1900 five people flew around Lake Constance, Germany. first time without accident
  • Neon Light

    Neon Light
    -created by Georges Claude
    -beginning of bright signs in advertisement
  • Car Cellular Phones

    Car Cellular Phones
    -created by Martin Cooper
    -began more mobile communication
  • Commercial Computers

    Commercial Computers
    -created by John Presper Eckert & John W. Mauchly
    -beginning of home communication through cathode ray tubes. and gives light to internet
  • Floppy Disk

    Floppy Disk
    -created by IBM engineers led by Alan Shugart
    -influence of many types of portable data memory
  • Cellular Phone

    Cellular Phone
    -created by Martin Cooper in the U.S.
    -began actual mobile communication, without a source of energy, such as a car
  • WWW

    -created by Tim Berners-Lee in Britain
    -began INSTANT communication