Rosa Parks

By ciao386
  • Rosa Park's birth

    Rosa Parks was born to James McCauley and Leona Edwards in Tuskegee, Alabama.
  • School

    She joins school at about 6 years old, attending rural ones around Montgomery, Alabama.
  • A new school

    At the age of 11,enrolls herself at the Industrial School for Girls in Montgomery, where she takes academic and vocational courses.
  • Marriage

    Marrys her husband 'Raymond Parks' who is a barber from Montgomery.
  • A similar event

    In 1944, athletic star, Jackie Robinson refuses to move to the back of his bus.
  • Claudette Colvin

    A 15-year-old girl; Claudette Colvin, refuses to give up her seat to a white man and is promptly arrested.
  • Don't give up your seat

    The driver of the bus notices that the 'white' section of the bus is full, so he moves the section back; past where 4 blacks were sitting. Rosa does not move from her seat.
  • Under arrest

    Refuses to give up her seat, and is arrested at the next stop.
  • Boycott

    35 000 leaflets are distributed asking all negros to stay off the buses in protest of Park's arrest.
  • End of the boycott

    The bus boycott started in 1955, finishes causing the bus company huge losses. The law is against seperation of black and whites on buses is lifted.
  • Family death

    Her husband, Raymond Parks, dies.
  • Welcoming party

    Parks is asked to be a part of a group welcoming Nelson Mandela, returning from imprisonment in South Africa.
  • My story

    Rosa releases her autobiography 'Rosa Parks; My story'
  • An award

    Awarded 'the Presidential Medal of Freedom'
  • Death

    Rosa Parks dies at the age of 92 from natural causes.