The Wright Brothers

By athalsa
  • Wilbur Wright's was born

    Wilbur Wright's was born
    Wilbur Wright was born on the 16th of April 1867, near New Castle, Indiana.
  • Orville Wright was born

    Orville Wright was born
    OrvilleWright was born on the 19th of August 1871 in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Wilbur Wright started school

    Wilbur Wright started school
    Wilbur went to school but didn't recieve a digree, as he wasn't known to be a very succesful student, but he was in the normal school average. When it comes to planes he has a great knowledge about them.
  • Orville Wright started school

    Orville Wright started school
    Orville Wright also went to school but since he broke his foot trying to play hockey, he spent the last three years studying at a library. Orville also didn't recieve a digree. He didn't recieve a digree since he was behind by three years compared to other students.
  • Bycicle Stand

    Bycicle Stand
    ( January 1st isn't the real date.) The wright Brothers started a bicycle stand for a career. This is when they started some serious expirements to invent an airplane.
  • First Biplane

    First Biplane
    The wright brothers made their first biplane.
  • Kitty Hawk

    Kitty Hawk
    The Wright Brothers went to Kitty Hawk to have their fist test. They had about 700 flights which were pretty succesful, but they experiment test only lasted for 12 seconds. After many improvementsthey eventually reached their goal in 1903.
  • flight

    On the 17th of December 1903, the Wright Brothers launched ther first succesful flight in the air. This flight lasted for 59 seconds but that was enough for the brothers to suceed their journey.
  • Death

    Wilbur Wright dies.
  • Death

    Orville Wright dies.