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Australian Penal System Overview

  • Period: to

    Convict History

  • The First Fleet Arrives in Botany Bay

    The First Fleet Arrives in Botany Bay
    The first fleet was led by Capain Arthur Phillip.
  • Norfolk Island becomes a prison island

    Norfolk Island becomes a prison island
  • Commissioner John Bigge appointed to investigate treatment of prisoners

    Bigge was appointed by the Colonial Office in London to investigatethe treatment of prisoners in New South Wales.
  • Flogging of Women and Children abolished

  • Sarah Island Settlement

    Sarah Island Settlement
    The Sarah Island Settlement, southwest of Maquarie Harbour, was opened as a place of 'secondary' punishment. Here, they attempted to control the uncontrollable. It gained a gruesome reputation from the horror stories of what went on in Sarah Island.
  • The colony of Van Dieman's Land is established

  • Cascades Female Factory Opens

    Cascades Female Factory opens in Hobart.
  • Port Arthur Prison Opened

  • Sarah Island Settlement Closes

  • Molesworth Report on Transportation

    Sir William Molesworth is appointed by the British House of Commons to investigate whether the penalty of transportation is too harsh. He concluded that transportation was not acting as a deterrent and should be abolished.
  • Port Arthur Prison is closed.

  • Flogging has become rare in Australian Colonies

  • Norfolk Island Prison Closed

    Most of the people living on the island were Australian, New Zealander, and Polynesian. They belonged to the Anglican, Roman Catholic, or other Christian churches. The prisoners were removed in 1856
  • Penal Servitude act abolishes transportation of women

  • Executions no longer public

    Act passed to ensure executions take place inside prison walls.
  • Cascades Female Factory Closes

  • The General Assembly of of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights