Historic Hurricanes in Hawaii

By pdc
  • Kohala Cyclone

    On August 9th 1871 a tropical cyclone ripped through the Hawaiian Islands, specifically in Kohala and in Lahaina. During this period of heavy rain and strong winds, many trees and houses were seen blowing around which caused a state of panic among the people. More Information: NOAA
  • Hurricane Nina

    Hurricane Nina
    This hurricane brought heavy rains and floods to Kauai. In just 14 hours 20.42 inches of rain were recorded in Wainiha. Strong winds were also recorded at 92 mph on Kauai. On the south coast of Kauai 35 foot waves were recorded causing $100,00 of damage. More Information: NOAA Picture Caption: Track of Hurricane Nina.
    Picture Source: Unisys Weather
  • Hurricane Dot

    During the first days of August 1959, Hurricane Dot (category 4) made its appearance in the Hawaiian Islands. Minor flooding and wave damage on the Island of Hawaii and Oahu constituted $150,000 of property damage. On Kauai sugarcane damage was extensive; a total of $5.5 to $6 million of agricultural damage was reported. Fortunately there were no injuries and no lives were lost. More Information: NOAA
  • Hurricane Iwa

    Hurricane Iwa
    During the final days of November 1983, this category 1 hurricane struck the Hawaiian Islands causing $250 million in damage. More Information: NOAA, Picture Caption: Track of Hurricane Iwa.
    Picture Source: Dr. George Pararas-Carayannis
  • Hurricane Estelle

    Hurricane Estelle
    From July 21-25 1986 Hurricane Estelle warnings were in effect for the Hawaiian Islands. Waves pounded the shoreline on the Big Island and Maui destroying five beach houses on the Big Island. Damage was estimated at $2 million. More Information: NOAA Picture Caption: Track of Hurricane Estelle.
    Picture Source: NOAA
  • Hurricane Iniki

    Hurricane Iniki
    Hurricane Iniki was the most powerful hurricane to hit Hawaii. Damage was estimated at $3 billion. Electrical power outages, major crop damage, and six deaths resulted from this strom. Kauai was hit the hardest. The Pacific Disaster Center was founded after Hurricane Iniki. More Information:
    NOAA Picture Caption: Aerial view of Hurricane Iniki.
    Picture Source: NOAA