Influences Along the Road to My Teaching Career

By sunny77
  • Period: to

    Helping younger Girl Scouts

    Earned my Silver and Gold Awards
  • Period: to

    Teaching and helping disabled youth

    Worked at a camp for mentally and physically handicapped children and youth. Loved it!
  • Helped handicapped children at summer camp, 1971-1975

  • Period: to

    Taught handicapped childern to swim

    Loved it
  • Taught handicapped children to swim

  • BS in Biology with Chemistry and Psychology minors

    Did not want to be a teacher!
  • Period: to

    Worked with emotionally disturbed childern

    Love it
  • Worked with emotionally disturbed children

    Loved it
  • Period: to

    Taught Duke medical students laboratory techniques

    Very interesting
  • Period: to

    Environmental Specialist for DEQ

  • Taught Duke medical students lab techniques

    Very interesting. Enjoyed teaching.
  • Period: to

    Stay at home mom with my two daughters

  • Period: to

    Education grad classes

  • Substitute taught

    Hated it
  • Data Specialist

    Hated it!
  • Started teaching 6th grade science

    Hard, but loved it! Learned how to manage a class room with no re
  • Nominated for Teacher of the Year

    Hunt Mapp Middle School, Portsmouth
  • Started teaching high school chemistry and biology

  • Started teaching in the Health Sciences Academy

  • Nominated for Teacher of the Year

    Bayside High, Virginia Beach