The walk to freedom

The Montgomery Bus Boycott and how it was part of the Civil Rights Movement.

By della
  • The bombing of King's House

    Dr. King's home was bombed. His wife and their baby daughter escaped without injury. When Dr. King arrived home he found an angry mob waiting. Dr. King told the crowd to go home.
  • The Arrest of Rosa Parks

    The Arrest of Rosa Parks Parks refused to give up her bus seat so that a white man could sit, She defied the segregation laws for blacks riding the bus. She was put in jail. This is an image of her getting fingerprinted.
  • Black activists taking action.

    Black Montgomery activists, including professor Jo Ann Robinson, attorney Fred Gray and labor leader E.D. Nixon, begin setting the stage for a bus boycott.
  • Blacks refusing to ride the bus

    Blacks refusing to ride the bus image is how blacks took a stand and by fighting to get their voice and message across to the city commissioners.
  • The Boycott led by King

    The Boycott led by King
    A one-day boycott of city buses results in about 90 percent of normal black ridership staying off buses. The Montgomery Improvement Association is formed by black leaders, who elect the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. president. Several thousand black citizens attend the first MIA mass meeting at Holt Street Baptist Church, where they overwhelmingly support continuing the bus boycott.
  • The meeting about Bus Boycott

    The vice president of the parent company of the Montgomery bus system meets with city and local bus officials and with MIA leaders. The mayor forms a biracial committee, supposedly to negotiate a compromise.
  • King arrested

    King arrested is charged with speeding and jailed by Montgomery police.
  • The Courts Decision

    The U.S. Supreme Court dismisses an appeal of a July 1955 federal appeals court ruling outlawing bus segregation in South Carolina. The decision is misconstrued by many as declaring all intrastate bus segregation unconstitutional. The Montgomery bus company decides to implement a policy of desegregation.