Kostya Tszyu

By hoppin
  • Birth

    Kostya Tszyu was born in September 19th, 1969 in a town named Serov, near the Ural Mountains.
  • Period: to

    Tszyu's Childhood

    Tszyu was not privileged as a child, as his family was relatively poor and Tszyu suffered from ADHD (Attension Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
  • Cuban World Championship Tournament

    In 1987, he came in second place at the Cuban world championship tournaments
  • Period: to

    The Achievements of Kostya Tszyu

    Kostya Tszyu was a remarkable man who had a remarkably long list of well earned achievements.
  • World Championships - Moscow

    He fought at the world championships again in Moscow, where he came in third place
  • World Championships in Sydney - The Enchanted trip

    Kostya Tszyu went to yet another World Championship, this time held in Sydney, but he was taken away by the sights, he decided to live in Australia.
  • Tszyu turnes Professional

    Kostya Tszyu turned professional, beating Darrell Hiles in a knockout round in Melbourne, March 1st, 1992.
  • The collapse of the Soviet Union

    The Soviet Union collapsed in 1992, luckily Tszyu fled to Australia with his girlfriend
  • Fringe Contenders

    In 1993, Steve Larrimore, Larry La Crousiere and Robert Rivera, all fringe contenders went over to Australia to challenge Tszyu, but none lasted more than two rounds. In fact, the only compeditor to last more than two rounds in 1993 was Livingstone Bramble, who was a former World Lightweight champion.
  • Kostya got married

    Shortly after Tszyu fled to Australia, he got married to his girlfriend.
  • Hector Lopez

    Tszyu beat Hector Lopez, who would later challenge Fuentes for the World Title.
  • First World Title Shot

    First World Title Shot
    In 1995, he received his first world title shot, when he fought IBF world junior welterweight champion Jake Rodriguez at Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Leonardo Moro Mas

    Leonardo Moro Mas
    Kostya Tszyu had his first no contest result against Leonardo Moro Mas. However soon after, he lossed for the first time, to Vince Phillips by a knockout in ten rounds.
  • Tszyu's second World Title shot

    Tszyu's second World Title shot
    After beating former world champions Calvin Grove (KO2) and Rafael Ruelas (KO9), Tszyu was given another try at the World TItle, which he won.
  • The Third World Title

    The Third World Title
    Tszyu retained his title, knocking out the former world champion Miguel Angel Gonzalez in 10 rounds.
  • Retaining the Title

    Retaining the Title
    Tszyu went on to retain his title twice in 2000, beating Ahmed Santos and Chavez.
  • The IBF Belt

    The IBF Belt
    Finally, in 2001, he recovered his IBF Belt, beating IBF world champion Zab Judah, who was knocked out in round 2. Picture: Zab Judah (left), vs Kostya Tszyu (right).
  • The WBA Belt

    The WBA Belt
    In 2001, he faced WBA champion Sharmba Mitchell, but Tszyu beat him, taking the WBA belt from him in a knockout in seven rounds.
  • Ben Tackie

    Ben Tackie
    In 2002, Tszyu had only one bout, beating fringe contender Ben Tackie of Ghana by a decision in round 12. Picture: Kostya Tszyu (left), vs Ben Tackie (right).
  • 4th World Title

    4th World Title
    On January 19, 2003, Tszyu began the year by retaining his title against former world champion Jesse James Leija by a knockout in round 6. The win against him came on the birthdate of his first son, Tim.
    Picture: Jesse James Leija (left), verses Kostya Tszyu (right).
  • Injury

    His first fight in 2004 was supposed to be held on February 7th, in a rematch against former world champion Mitchell. However, he got injured during training, and wasn't able to play.
  • Mitchell - after injury

    Mitchell - after injury
    On November the 6th, he and Mitchell finally had their rematch, and Tszyu knocked Mitchell out in 3 rounds, at Phoenix, Arizona. Picture: Mitchell (left), verses Kostya Tszyu (right).
  • Ricky Hatton and Tszyu's Retirement

    Ricky Hatton and Tszyu's Retirement
    On 5th of June, 2005, Tszyu had his last fight against British boxer Ricky Hatton, which he lost, along with his world title.
    His record is 32 wins (25 were by knockout), 2 loses and one no contest (in 1997 against Leonardo Moro Mas).
    Picture: Tszyu's last fight, Kostya (left), and Ricky Hatton (right).