Fred hollows

Fred Hollows

By wilm
  • Birth

    On this day fred was born in Dundein, New Zealand. Parents : Claire and Joseph. Brothers: Colin, John Maurice image source
  • Period: to

    Fred's life

  • High School

    At the ahe of thirteen Fred started to go to Palmeston North Boys' High School
  • Period: to

    Communist Party

    Fred was part of the Communist party of New Zealand in the 1950's and 1960's
  • First Marrage

    Mary Skiller married Fred Hollows this year
  • Eye Hospital

    Eye Hospital
    Fred goes to Moorfield Eye Hospital in England to study Opthalmology image source
  • Coming to Australia

    Came to the University of New South Wales and became Associate proffesor of Opthalmology
  • Period: to

    NSW University

    Chaired the Opthamoligy divison of New South Wales University
  • Aboriginal Medical Service

    Fred started the Aboriginal Medical Service with Shirl Smith
  • Wife's death

    Wife's death
    Mary Skiller passed away this year [image source](<a href='' >image source</a>
  • Second Marrage

    Second Marrage
    Fred Hollows Remarries to Gabi O'Sullivan fives years after his lasts wife's death [image source](
  • Nepal

    Fred visited Nepal this year to help out in training eye surgons [image source](
  • Eritea

    Fred Vistites Eritea to help train eye surgons [image source](
  • Citizenship

    Be came a Official Australian Citizen
  • Australian of the Year

    Australian of the Year
    Fred won the australian of the year this year [image source](
  • Vietnam

    Fred helps out in vietnam and traines eye surgons [image source](
  • Fred Hollows Foundation

    Fred Hollows startes up the Fred Hollows Foundation to continue his work
  • Death

    Fred Passes away from Metastatic Renal Cancer in Sydney [image source](