5.8 Energy Timeline

By ewaller
  • Coal in the U.S.

    Coal in the U.S.
    The first commercial coal production was started near Richmond, Virginia.
  • First Solar Power Conversion

    First Solar Power Conversion
    Auguste Mouchout (France) was the first person to successfully convert solar energy into mechanical power.
  • Avondale Mine Disaster

    Avondale Mine Disaster
    There was a disaster at the Avondale Mine in Pennsylvania. Over 100 people were killed.
  • First Solar Cell

    First Solar Cell
    Charles Fritts built the first functioning solar cell.
  • First Hydropower Dam

    First Hydropower Dam
    The world's first hydropower dam was completed near Austin, Texas.
  • Cars Run on Ethanol

    Cars Run on Ethanol
    Henry Ford built his first car to run on pure ethanol.
  • First Dry Steam geothermal Plant

    First Dry Steam geothermal Plant
    The first dry steam geothermal energy plant was built in Tuscany, Italy.
  • Congress Lifts Tax on Ethanol

    Congress Lifts Tax on Ethanol
    Congress lifted the 50-year tax on ethanol, making it a better alternative to gasoline.
  • First Magma Exploratory

    First Magma Exploratory
    In the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the world's first magma exploratory was drilled at a depth of 7,588 feet.
  • Top Four Hydropower Countries

    Top Four Hydropower Countries
    The United States was ranked one of the top four countries for hydropower, along with Canada, China, and Brazil.