5.8 energy Timeline

  • Ben Franklin's Kite

    Ben Franklin's Kite
    Ben prooved thar lightning is electricity based through an experiment with a key and a kite
  • Eddison creates efficient lightbulb

    Eddison creates efficient lightbulb
    Eddison created the first lightbulb with a long-lasting filament
  • First Automatic Windmill

    First Automatic Windmill
    generates electricity on its own and wascreated by Charles F. Bush
  • first geothermal heater

    first geothermal heater
    In Boise, Idaho, the first district heating system was powered by geothermal energy
  • Period: to

    Henry Ford's Assembly Line

    allowed for automobiles to be mass produced, leading to a great increase in use of gasoline and oil
  • Theory of Relativity

    Theory of Relativity
    developed by Albert Einstein. Theory states that enrgy equals mass times the speed of light squared.
  • Period: to

    Project Manhattan

    led to the construction of the nuclear bomb and use of it on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan
  • Nuclear Reactor Energy

    Nuclear Reactor Energy
    Electricity was first generated from a nuclear reactor in Idaho
  • Us Department of Energy Established

    Us Department of Energy Established
    created by Jimmy Carter in response to an oil crisis
  • Modern Theory of Antimatter

    Modern Theory of Antimatter
    proposed in a paper by Paul Dirac by looking at the Schrodinger Wave Equation