• White Citizen Council Formed

    segregationist groups organized in AR to fight school integration, which were mostly composed of white, middle and upper class people
  • Charleston Schools Desegregate

    11 african american students went to white schools, kept secret untill Fayetteville integratedm refused to play in sports or band
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Supreme Court ruling seperate but equal, unconstitutional in public education, and caused blossom plan.
  • Fayetteville Public Schools Desegregate

    3 weeks after Charleston schools. Schools would refuse to play in sports and band competition
  • Blossom Plan

    16 days after Brown v. Board formed, start with high school move to elementary, desegregate schools
  • Fabus gives orders to National Guard

    bar 9 black students from getting into the school
  • Federal Judge orders desegregation

    fabus order guards to stay at school.
  • Elizabeth Eckford Denied

    miscommunication arrived alone and was mobbed and everything was photographed
  • Little Rock nine escorted by Federal Troops

    went through a side door to stay safe, most students went about their day without incident, white reporters were beaten for routing and integration,
  • Last Graduating Class at Bumbar High

    "premiere" african american high school in Little Rock
  • Hoxie School Desegregate

    Protests pushed back dates of opening, against desegregation of Little Rock schools.
  • Emmitt Till dies

    14 year old boy killed for whistling at a white girl, murders admit what they did and get off the hook with no punishment.
  • Horace Mann School Opened

    remain all black school even while blossom plan was in effect.
  • Southern Manifesto

    a written protest from southern members of congress in response to the Brown vs. Board of education decision to integrate schools.
  • Little Rock Central Opened

  • Minnijean Brown Expelled

    Got in a faight and dumped chili on a white girl, got expelled, yellow cards. Other kids would say "1 down, 8 to go"
  • Ernest Green Graduates From Central

    Only senior among the nine graduated without significant incident, MLK attened to honor him
  • Fabus passes special law allowing school

    3,500 students had to find other options avoiding integration.
  • Federal court rules school closing as unconstitutional

  • MLK Jr.marches on Washington

    "i have a dream" speech, 250,000 people attended
  • Johnson signs the Civil Rights act

  • Voting Rights act

    all citizens be allowed to vote equally and freely.
  • Malcom X is murdered

    Party meeting in Harlem, join forces with sympathetic whites, own religious organization of afro- american unity.
  • Bloody Sunday in Montgomery, Alabama

    activists walked from Selma to Montgomery were gassed and beaten by law enforcement while being watched on TV.