the 1920s

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    Movies in the 1920's

    The 1920's was the decade of entertainment. Rin Tin Tin, the movie dog, was a German Shepard movie star during the Great War. He became the most famous dog to star in the movies in 1925. The first Miss America contest was held on September 8, 1921. Metro Goldwyn Mayer Film Studio was founded. A new Pooh Bear story by A.A. Milne was a big hit for little children. Mickey Mouse became everyone's favorite character in the movie Steamboat Willie.
  • the music

    This decade was known as the "Jazz Age" because jazz was very popular and just beginning to show off the talents. This could have also been known as the turning point in music. There were many different people who changed music and the way people look at it.
  • women getting the right to vote

    Women in most states coundn't vote.Women' place was at home to marry,have kids and raise them.But an 19th amendment women got political power and did all of different things such as voting, changed their fashion,doing what a men could do like dring and driving car.
  • Japanese American

    Reparations, payments or other compensation offered as an indemnity for loss or damage. Although the term is used to cover payments made to Holocaust survivors and to Japanese Americans interned during World War II in so-called relocation camps in 20th-century world history reparations are the payments sought by the victorious nations of World War I and World War II as compensation for material losses and suffering caused by war.
  • the first TransAtlantic solo flight,

    In the 20's, the first TransAtlantic solo flight, which was flown by Charles A. Lindbergh, was achieved. This was the first successful solo flight across the Atlantic
    Ocean. Charlie's Lindbergh's first solo transAtlantic flight in 1927 made history. Two and a half years later, the world was stunned by the kidnap and murder of his infant son.
  • the stock market crash

    On october 24, 1929, later known as the black thursday, the stock market began its downhill drop.The prices had gone downat an amazing speed. But the prices didn't kept dropping and on ocober 29, 1929 Black tuesday more than 16 million shares were sold but by the end of the day,most stocks ended below their pcevious value and some stocks become totally worthless ,because of that some people homeless and penniless all because the stock market crashed.
  • The alcohol

    Prohibition began as the 18 amendment to the u.s constitution took effect.It was later repeated by the 21st amendment alcohol was outlawd in the u.s with passage of the 18th amendment.At the time u.s authorities exected few violations years,prohibition carrupted all levels of society,swamped the judiciary,killed thousands of people and gave rise to underworld syndicates that still exist.