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Linda Stewart: A history of accomplishments

  • Proposes a park impact fee, thus adding more parks in Orange County

    Commissioner Linda Stewart first proposes a park impact fee to alleviate budget concerns of the Parks and Recreation department. The measure passes a short time afterward and has put $11 million aside dedicated solely to parks and community land. The fee is paid for only by developers and is not a tax.
  • Toddler Swim Initiative

    Announces "Toddler Swim" Initiative, which leads to Drowning Prevention Task Force
  • Sierra Club Award of Excellence

    Awarded for excellence in leadership on environmental issues
  • Burnham Institute relocation to Orange County

    Traveled to La Jolla, CA to encourage Burnham to relocate to Orange County, thus bringing jobs and other economic anchors to Innovation Way (the only elected official to do so)
  • Women of Persuasion Tour

    Women of Persuasion Tour
    Embarks on Women of Persuasion Tour in Europe to encourage European business and higher wage jobs to Orange County (paid for out of her own pocket, like the rest of her economic development trips).
  • Wins reelection by a landslide

    Wins reelection by a landslide
    Running against multiple candidates, incumbent Commissioner Stewart wins reelection to the Orange County Commission and carries well over 50% of the vote.
  • Kids sneaker drive

    To help needy children, Commissioner Linda Stewart held a sports-shoe collection drive, collecting over 400 pairs for youth who cannot afford sports sneakers.
  • Led task force to regulate Big Box stores

    Led task force to limit square footage of Big Box stores in local neighborhoods. The ordinance also regulates the distance between new big-box stores and neighborhoods, mandate a 24-hour security guard and a plan in place for dealing with shopping carts so that they don't end up scattered.
  • Lobbies for red light camera law

    Travels to Tallahassee, FL to make the first of many lobbying trips for red light cameras to be installed on Orange County streets
  • LEED Certification on downtown venues

    Demands that new downtown venues be built with LEED certification, or they will not be built (saving millions of dollars over the lifespan of the structures)
  • FL Local Environmental Recourse Agencies award

    Receives FLERA award for exemplary leadership on environmental issues
  • Elected Chairwoman of MetroPlan Orlando

    The local transportation board for Orange County, bringing in experience of mass transportation lobbying to the Sunshine state
  • Anti-Idling campaign in school zones

    Promotes anti-idling campaign in school zones to save on taxpayer costs of school buses, as well as decreasing the county's reliance on oil
  • "Walks the walk" and buys a Prius

    "Walks the walk" and buys a Prius
    "Walks the walk" and buys a Prius
  • Blue Ribbon Neighborhood introduced

    Blue Ribbon Neighborhood introduced
    Introduces the first Blue Ribbon Neighborhood (Stoneybrook)-a pilot program to help reduce water usage in Orange County neighborhoods
  • Street racing bill petition drive

    Initiates petition drive to collect support for a street racing bill (delivered over 7,000 signatures to Tallahassee)
  • MARS created

    Along with the help of mothers in the community, creates Mothers Against Racing on the Streets (MARS)
  • SunRail passed

    SunRail passed
    FL legislature passes SunRail, a project Commissioner Stewart has lobbied for since 2002
  • Economic Development trips to PR and Colombia

    Embarks on economic development trips to Puerto Rico and Colombia in hopes of persuading manufacturing companies to relocate to Orange County
  • High Speed Rail approved

    High Speed Rail approved
    Federal government announces secured funding for the country's first high speed rail corridor, from Orlando to Tampa, also a project Commissioner Stewart has lobbied for with federal officials
  • FL legislature outlaws street racing

    FL legislature passes street racing bill to enforce penalties and consequences on those who are committing the act
  • Linda Stewart qualifies to run for Mayor

    Linda Stewart qualifies to run for Mayor
    Commissioner Linda Stewart is officially qualified to be on the ballot for County Mayor, surpassing expected totals and collecting more than 8,000 individual signatures from voters (more than any other candidate)