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The Definitive life of Miles Davis

  • Born in East St. Louis

    Born in East St. Louis
    Born in East St. Louis to a middle class family. Played in many bands and always carried his trumpet around with him. His child years were spent playing sports with his freinds and devoting himself to music.
  • Went to Julliard to study music

    Went to Julliard to study music
    Miles hated Julliard because it was extremely biast towards white people and they didn't teach jazz.
  • Started recording with the masters

    Started recording with the masters
    Miles was doing gigs and recording records with charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie the two jazz masters of the time.
  • Got addicted to heroin

    Got addicted to heroin
    from 1950 to 1954 he went through a heroin addiction effecting his playing.
  • Miles Davis's Art

    Miles Davis's Art
    Along with Music Miles was interested in art and often was found painting. I was also into boxing and loved to watch dancers.
  • first great Quintet

    first great Quintet
    Played with John Coltraine "tenor sax", Red Garland "paino", Paul Chambers "Bass", Philly Joe James "drums". This was his first quintet which he recorded a few albums with.
  • Birth of the Cool

    Birth of the Cool
    He put together a group of jazz musicians and brass instruments that were not comon in jazz to make a bepob orchestral sound that changed the sounds of modern jazz.
  • Married Frances Taylor

    Married Frances Taylor
    Miles married Frances Taylor in 1958 but divorced a few years later.
  • Miles Davis Sextet

    Miles Davis Sextet
    Included John Coltraine " tenor sax", Cannonball Aderley "alto sax", Bill Evans "paino", Jimmy Cobb "drums" Paul Chambers "bass"
  • Free Jazz and Fusion

    Free Jazz and Fusion
    He started to play with electronic instruments getting him even more fans. He played with John Mclaughlin, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix and many other great artists.
  • Married Betty Marby

    Married Betty Marby
    Married the singer Betty Marby and also divorced her a few years later.
  • Car Accident

    Car Accident
    Miles got in a car accident and took a break for five years.
  • Married Cicely Tyson

    Married Cicely Tyson
    Married the actress Cicely Tyson at his freind Bill Cosby's house but got divorced later.
  • Grammy Awards

    Grammy Awards
    He won 8 different grammy awards for his music. And several other awards.
  • Last gig, Quincy Jones

    Last gig, Quincy Jones
    He made his most memorable appearence when he played with the Quincy Troupe orchestra at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Then he died three months later from a stroke bringing sadness to many thousands of fans.