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Oil Spill

By leah213
  • News Broke

    At 11:00pm, news broke out that the oil pipe broke in the Gulf of New Mexico.
  • Period: to

    Oil Spill

  • Oil Still Burns

    The oil rig is still burning, leaving a huge plume of smoke that is more than 30 miles long. Later that day, the fire was extinguished. Enviromental danger is said to be minor.
  • Trying to stop the leak

    Stopping the leak is so challenging, that experts realize it could take months to clean up.
  • Search and Rescue have been suspended.

    Underwater robots have discovered at least two leaks that are dumping an estimated 1,000 barrels of oil per day in the sea.
  • Oil is Increasing

    Scientists discover that the oil is not only pumping 1000 gllaons a day, but 5000 gallons per day.
  • Department of Health and Hospitals get involved.

    The state departments of Health and Hospitals and Environmental Quality state that the strong odour is moving over to the Louisiana and New Orleans coast.
  • Radar and Satellite Imagery find something else...

    Radar and satellite imagery and estimated that the oil was leaking much faster than the original official estimates.
  • Shutoff Valve

    An American company is trying to install a shutoff valve on one of the three underwater leaks, but this is a complicated operation that might not succeed
  • Money is an object!

    It turns out that this catastrophe could have been prevented for very little money
  • 1 of 3 valves are sealed!

    BP says that one of the 3 broken valves are sealed.