Timeline of Significant Events - 1945 -1990

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  • WWII Ends

    WWII Ends
    The Second World War ends.
    Germany and Japan defeated.
    Japan defeated due to atomic bombs dropped by the US.
    Americans will not share atomic technlogy with Soviet Union
  • Gouzenko Affair

    Gouzenko Affair
    Igor Gouzenko revealed a Soviet Spy ring that had been working in Canada.
    He had been working as a cipher clerk in the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    Made to prevent further spread of communism into Western Europe.
    American military protection was extended to Western Europe.
    Fear of communist parties winning elections in both France and Italy.
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    5 Billion dollars given to Europe from the US.
    Money was to help Europe recover from war damage.
    Marshall Plan did not give assistance to Eastern Europe which was run by communism.
  • N.A.T.O. Established

    N.A.T.O. Established
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization created as a mutual defence system.
    Included Canada, US, Britain, France and most of Western Europe.
    An attack on any of these countries would be considered an attack on all of them.
  • Suez Crisis

    Suez Crisis
    Egyptian government seizes Suez Canal which belonged to Britain and France.
    Britain, France, and Israel launched an attack on Egypt.
    Soviets threaten to attack Britain and France.
    Pearson wins the 1957 Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Hungarian Revolution

    Hungarian Revolution
    Hungarians fail at fighting back against Soviet domination in thier nation. This revolt increased the amount of anti-communists in westernized countries. Many hungarians fled to Canada
  • N.O.R.A.D.

    People feared a nuclear attack from Russia. Canada and the US signed an agreement which made a single unified air defense system for the continent. Several radar stations were built to detect enemy attacks.
  • Apartheid

    South America was freed from the commenwealth due to its aparthied system. Canada led the international community to hold sanctions against the South African government.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Cuba was suspected of holding missile sites as observed by American spy planes. The US wanted Cuba to remove thier missiles or military action would be taken, The Soviets agreed to remove their arms.
  • Election of Ronald Reagan

    Election of Ronald Reagan
    When Reagan was elected, tension grew between the Soviets and America. Reagan was bent on building up military arms and modernize nuclear weapons to launch the Strategic Defense Initiative.
  • Mulroney Government

    Mulroney Government
    This government tried to increase military relationship with the US. They accepted the Americans request to overhaul the continents Air Defense System.
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    Gobrachev announced that the Soviets would no longer impose its will on the people of Eastern Europe. Communism in Eastern Europe colapses. The Berlin Wall was torn down.
  • End of Soviet Union

    End of Soviet Union
    In 1991, the USSR was divided into 15 smaller states including Russia and the Ukraine.
  • Period: to

    Korean War

    North Korea invades South Korea.
    US sens forces to South Korea.
    Canada sent over 22 000 troops to UN force which was a large majority of the troops.
  • Period: to


    Military involvement in Vietnam by the US led to many protests by Canadians as well as Americans. People in Canada began to think more negativly about the US. Canadian government officials made several attempts to end the war peacefully.