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Nellie Sost: The Road To WWII (Europe)

  • Treaty Of Versailles

    Treaty Of Versailles
    This treaty marked the end of World War I.
  • The Manchurian Incident

    The Manchurian Incident
    On this date, Japan attacked Manchuria
  • Japanese Military Forces

    Japanese Military Forces
    The Japanese took over the country Manchuria.
  • Chancellor of Germany

    Chancellor of Germany
    Hitler is named 'Chancellor' of Germany.
  • Hitler allies with Mussolini

    Hitler allies with Mussolini
    Hitler & Mussolini allie together to create the Rome-Berlin Axis.
  • Aftermath of Ethiopian Invasion

    Aftermath of Ethiopian Invasion
    After Ethiopia was invaded by Mussolini, it becomes a part of the Italian Empire.
  • German- Soviet NonAgression Pact

    German- Soviet NonAgression Pact
    Stalin & Hitler create a 10 yr non agression pact so they dont invade each other, but later on Hitler breaks against the pact and attacks the Soviet
  • Invasion on Poland

    Invasion on Poland
    Germany Invades Poland on this date.
  • France & Britain declare war on Germany

    France & Britain declare war on Germany
  • Japanese Leadship

    Japanese Leadship
    Japan allies with Italy as well as Germany. Japan also signs a pact with Stalin.
  • Hitler Invasion

    Hitler Invasion
    Hitler invades the Soviet Union.
  • Fighting Germany

    Fighting Germany
    The allies all went to Paris and fought Germany untill the end, when Germany surrendered.