Jared Dalrymple

  • German declaration of war on Russia

    This marks the outbreak of World War I
  • US declares war on Germany

    This is probably what leads to Germany's demise
  • Wilson's Fourteen Points speech to joint session of Congress

    This is one of our nations more important speeches
  • League of Nations Founded

    This was supposed to help eliminate all future catastrophies.
  • Treaty of Versailles signed in Hall of Mirrors at Versailles

    This marks the end of World War I
  • Stock Market Crash

    This led to many problems and was a significant event in our country
  • Nazis and Soviets sign a pact

    This was one of the first huge signs that Germany was not alone in their conquest.
  • Soviet Union expelled from League of Nations

    This showed that the League of Nations did not support the Soviet Unions decision and no longer wanted them involved with the other nations on a political level.
  • First Experimental Use of Gas Chambers At Auschwitz

    This is an important event because this caused was Hitlers way to mass murder Jews with no bloodshed.
  • The Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor

    This was a terrible day in our nations history. It led the US and Britian to declare war on Japan
  • Germany declares war on the United States

    This marks the date of our full involvement in World War II