Events in Ohio's History 1800-1825 by Mr. K.

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    Events in Ohio's History 1800-1825 By Mr. K.

  • Ohio Becomes a State

    On March 3, 1803 Ohio becomes the 17th state in our country. Chillicothe is named the first capital.
  • Ohio University Founded

    Ohio University Founded
    In 1804, Ohio University was founded. It was Ohio's first university. It is located in Athens, Ohio.
  • Zanesville Named State Capital

    In1810, Zanesville was named the state capital. It remained the statecapital for 2 years.
    (After checking three different resources, I could not find the exact date Zanesville was named Ohio's capital)
  • Ohio's New Capital is Columbus

    After looking in 3 different places, I couldn't find the specific date.