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Typewriters 1920-1930

By l0u1se
  • Fontana Baby

    Fontana Baby
    This is a picture of the only Fontana Baby typewriter known to exist. Nobody had ever heard of it when it was found in a Milan flea market in 1999. There are no references to this machine anywhere., no trade catalogs, or ads. Perhaps it was a remarkable prototype that never went into production?
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  • The Gundka

    The Gundka
    German designer Paul Muchajer produced this small index machine with one index pointer, two shift buttons, one space key and a type wheel . The machine was a considerable success! More than 80,000 of these machines were built.
  • Geniatus

    Because Germany went through a major economic crisis in the wake of World War 1, in the 1920st hey the source of a lot of cheaply made index typewriters. The Geniatus is a good example of a successfully marketed typewriter.