Korean war veterans memorial

Korean War

  • Event #1

    Event #1
    Korea divided into Soviet and U.S.occupation zones along the 38th parallel. Soviet backing North Korea and the US backing South Korea.
  • Event # 2

    Event # 2
    Truman is the president and his National Security Act creates the U.S. department of defense.
  • Event # 3

    Event # 3
    Seeing as how the US is the reinforcements for South Korea, they immediately help them gain more power to efficiently run their goverment.
  • Event # 4

    Event # 4
    On this day war broke out along the 38th parallel. North korean troops organized an attack at different places around the parallel and then headed to Seoul, in the South.
  • Event # 5

    Event # 5
    On this day in the Han River area, US bombers attack troops. Seoul was captured by the North Korea.
  • Event # 5

    Event # 5
    President Truman orders the ground forces into Korea where he then authorizes the Air Forces to bomb North Korea.
  • Event # 6

    Event # 6
    Task Force Smith troops fight for the first time, near Osan, where they suffer heavy casualties.
  • Event # 7

    Event # 7
    On this day, there was a four day battle held at "the Bowling Alley."
  • Event # 9

    Event # 9
    Talks of uniting a truce began at Kaesong but 6 weeks after communists broke it off.
  • Event # 8

    Event # 8
    South Korea releases a total of 27,000 North Korean Prisoners of War because they did not want to go back to their own country.
  • Event # 10

    Event # 10
    A sign to cease fire was signaled on this day, therefore causing the fight to end 12 hours later.