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  • Using the cell phone market

    Using the cell phone market
    Using the cell phone market as an example, the growth of text messaging is nothing short of remarkable. In December 2000, for example, 15 billion SMS ( short messaging service) messages were sent (see www.gsmworld.com). Most of these are phone-to-phone, although
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    text messaging

  • joffe's recevied text message

    joffe's recevied text message
    BACKGROUND AND PROCEDURAL HISTORY ¶2 On January 6, 2001, Joffe's cellular telephone rang. When he answered it, he discovered he had received an unrequested text message solicitation from Acacia, a mortgage company
  • longer text message to be recived

    longer text message to be recived
    Nokia says it will allow for longer text messages than previous models and will also support distribution lists, meaning you can send a message ... But if history is any judge, Nokia will likely develop a version of the 6800 for the US It recently launched its 9290, a brick of a phone ...
  • success

    • AT&T Wireless says its sponsorship is the biggest success story in US text messaging history. While text voting has been tied to other television shows in Europe and recently the US, it has never generated the volume of messaging seen since American Idol's premier on January 28, 2003.
  • first call

    first call
    REDMOND, Wash., and OAK BROOK, Ill., June 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- AT&T Wireless and McDonald's(R) are feeding into the text messaging craze as the companies launch the largest on-packaging, text messaging promotion in US history. Beginning this week, more than 250 million ...
  • innocent

    Sep 20, 2005 - The two admitted exchanging text messages, but denied they had anything to do with the trial. Kogan checked their phones and found innocent messages about who got to court first, but issued a subpoena demanding a history of text messages be turned over from their respective phone ...
  • capital of punk

    capital of punk
    Nov 23, 2006 - There's no way to see that history. It's invisible." "Capitol of Punk" is the brainchild of Yellow Arrow, a New York- based project that is part of a company called Counts Media. The group has created similar text-message tours for New Orleans's Voodoo Music Festival and New York's ...
  • todays text messages

    todays text messages
    Dec 9, 2007 - Today's text messages, also know as SMS (short messaging service), are far more nuanced than the "Merry Christmas" sent by Briton Neil Papworth on Dec. 2, 1992, from a computer to a Vodafone handset. Today, they are used to buy concert tickets, request last-minute groceries and, ...
  • pesidential race

    Nov 7, 2008 - Dallas, Texas, As media called the presidential race on Tuesday, Americans fired off text messages at a record pace. AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) today reported that in the hour following the announcement, text messaging traffic across its network surged about 44 percent — the highest spike in ..
  • once upon a time

    Apr 17, 2009 - "Once upon a time, voice mail was useful," says Yen Cheong, 32, a book publicist in New York who has transitioned almost entirely to e-mail and text messaging. According to her calculation, it takes seven to 10 steps to check a voice-mail message versus zero to 3 for an e-mail. ...