• 50 cent is born

    50 cent is born
    50 cent is born. he grew up never knowing his dad.
  • Period: to

    Early life

    the Early life of 50 cent.
  • 50 cent gets stuff

    50 cent gets stuff
    thoughout the first 7 years of his life his mom was out selling drugs on the streets of New York. and everytime she would come and visit her son, she would give him alot of presents. one time she came home with a mini dirtbike for 50 Cent
  • Tragedy

    In 1983 50s mom gets murdered by someone putting somthing in her drink, then waiting till she passed out. After she passed out the murderer turned on the gass and left. the case was never solved.
  • moves to another house

    moves to another house
    after the deth of his mom, 50 cent had no where to go. so at the age of eight he moved into his grandmothers house. a house that had eight uncles and ants.
  • 50 is dealing

    50 is dealing
    at a young age of 12 years old 50 hit s the streets to sell drugs. he contued this into his late teen years.
  • Shock incarseration

    Shock incarseration
    at the age of 17 50's house was rated by the nypd. they found haroin, cocain, and 15,000 dollers in cash. the cops could have given him 3-9 years but the judge gave him an alternitive. he was sent to shock therapy. shock is almost like a boot camp but alot more difficult.
  • Jam Master Jay

    Jam Master Jay
    (no exact date) At a night club in new york one of fifties friends intruduced him to jam master jay. Jam Master Jay was a part of raps legendary group "RUN D.M.C". he would later sign 50 to a record deal.
  • 50's help

    50's help
    After being signed to the record label "def jam records" jam master jay would help 50 by teaching him about rapping. His first Known official appearance was on a song titled "React"
  • 1999 a new hope

    1999 a new hope
    in 1999 a record label called columbia records found 50, and asked if he wanted to be a part of the movement. and after 50 leaving Jam Master Jay said yes. but he would have to pay out the old record label, leaving 50 broke.
  • Power of a doller/ how to rob

    Power of a doller/ how to rob
    18 songs were recorded in the album named "Power Of A Doller". (50's first offical album). however one song inparicular "How To Rob" got 50 alot of enimes. he openly Dissed alot of high end rappers at that time including Jay-Z, Kurupt, Sticky Fingaz, Big Pun, D.M.X., Wyclef Jean, Wu Tang Clan, Nas, and a hole lot more.

    on may 24th 2000, 50 cent got into the back of one of his friends cars. the friend was about to pull out when a car cut them off and came to a stop. the other car rolled down the window and started to fire at 50, hitting him 9 times, once in the face. 50 would make a full recovery after the shooting.
  • 50's pain

    50's pain
    after leaving the hospital 50 had a hill to go over. he had to battle the pain of braces, and relearing how to talk. 50 also never went to the theripest, insted he went to the gym, on his motorcylce. he barly knew how to walk, but after he came out in the end, he was at the top of his physical game.
  • bad news

    bad news
    through all 50 went through, his one record label droped him. they didnt want to get cought up in all of 50 problems. so colubia records didnt phone back or even talk to 50 again. leaving him out in the dry 50 started to realese mixtapes.
  • A great turn around

    A great turn around
    late at night 50 got a call from dr dre and eminem, they called him to aks to join eminems record label shady records. 50 took the deal with great consent and started on his new album.
  • Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

    Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
    On febuary 6, 2003 50 cent realesd a album called get rich or die tryin. The album hit off and selling 872 000 copies in the first week, and 8,000,000 in the U.S.A. in total, making it one of the best selling records out there.
  • present day

    present day
    in the last few year 50 Cent has gone on to be stared in movies, and still is realiesing albums till today.