5 Major Events in Educational History

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  • Establishment of American Education (Pilgrims & Puritans)

    Establishment of American Education (Pilgrims & Puritans)
    During the 1600's, the Puritans & the Pilgrims were the first to establish an education system for their children. Their ways of understanding religion set up the foundation of their educational methods. Because of their foundation of education, we still have a strong educational system to this day. (Roos, 2019)
  • John Locke's Thoughts on Education

    John Locke's Thoughts on Education
    John Locke's Some Thoughts Concerning Education is published, describing his views on educating upper class boys to be moral, rationally-thinking, and reflective "young gentlemen." His ideas regarding educating the masses are conveyed in On Working Schools, published in 1697, which focused on the importance of developing a work ethic. Because of Locke's thoughts, many students in this day and age, are required to think critically in school. (history.com)
  • America's First Public Library

    America's First Public Library
    In 1731, Benjamin Franklin founded the first public U.S. library to ever be in use. At this time, Franklin set up the foundation for a stronger educational system in the United States. Franklin's foundation of the library is still applicable to this day; many students still use library books as materials in the variety of their classes. (ushistory.org)
  • Government Impact on Education

    Government Impact on Education
    By 1828, all white men could vote, giving rich and poor Westerners and members of the Eastern manufacturing classes, employers and labourers greater influence in their government and their own affairs. Gaining the right to vote made white men of all social classes recognise that general education for knowledge and civic virtue was a basic necessity for their own and society's well-being. This event is the reason as to why we study civics in our higher-level required schooling. (Panetta, 2020)
  • Father of American Education

    Father of American Education
    Around 1837, Horace Mann, U.S. Secretary of Edu., founded a school system that allowed all families to be able to send their children to school, regardless of their social status. In 1827, Mann founded his first "Normal School" in Lexington Mass. Because of this, students of many backgrounds are still required to be sent to school, regardless of their social status/background. (Cremin, 2020)