5 Historical Events that have Shaped K-12 Public Education

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  • Child Study Movement

    Child Study Movement
    A study done by G. Stanley Hall provides information about how a child's mind and personality developed. This gave those who were educating more information on how to make judgements on how to educate their students.
  • The Great Depression and Education

    The Great Depression and Education
    Franklyn D. Roosevelt saw the effects of WWI and the Great Depression on not only employment and education but also how they tied together. He started funding and programs to help provide jobs through schools; thus creating more student enrollment.
  • Brown v. Board

    Brown v. Board
    This massive case determined that African American students were allowed to be enrolled in white schools.
  • Education for Children With Disabilities

    Education for Children With Disabilities
    During this time there was a huge shift in providing education for children who had disabilities. Before Congress passed the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, there were over 4 million disabled students who did not receive equal education.
  • Common Core Standards

    Common Core Standards
    Common Core Standards were released to provide a framework for all students in all grades so that parents and teachers could easily see where a student is at. These standards, "include rigorous academic content using higher-order thinking skills, are evidence based, and are informed by other top-performing countries."