5 key Historical Education Events

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  • First Schools open in USA

    First Schools open in USA
    Starting 1635, the first schools were started in New England. These schools were for sons of elites for leadership roles. In 1642, the Massachusetts Bay school laws gave the nation the first sense of a curriculum.
  • 1862 Morrill Act

    1862 Morrill Act
    In 1862, The US government began granting funds to build new colleges of agriculture and mechanical arts. The result was more than 11 million acres of land was given to the states to build these colleges. Some of them are still around, like Texas A&M
  • 1893 NEA established high school curriculum

    1893 NEA established high school curriculum
    In 1892, the National Education Association establishes a set curriculum for all high school students. No matter what the background, all high schoolers would be taught the same material. This landmark decision paved the way for modern high schools.
  • 1918 Cardinal Principles Report

    1918 Cardinal Principles Report
    When the attendance started rising in high schools, the NEA sponsored a new report with would become the Cardinal Principle Report. This called for a "common core" of knowledge to be taught.
  • Brown V. Board of Education

    Brown V. Board of Education
    This court case ruling stated that it was unconstitutional to have schools be segregated based on color. While not all schools integrated right away, eventually American schooling was given a diversity never before seen. Ruby Bridges for example is one of the most well known kids to be integrated.