5 Computer Inventions from the 80's

  • The Walkman

    The Walkman
    The Walkman was released in June of 1980 in the Unites States. Developed by Norio Ohga of Sony when the then Sony cofounder asked him to create cassette recorder optimized for walking. It's creation would later inspire many compact devices made for listening to come out years after it's release like the iPod.
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    Computer Inventions of the 80's

  • The First Permanent Artificial Heart

    The First Permanent Artificial Heart
    While still a student at the University of Utah, Robert Jarvik created the first rendition of a permanent artificial heart. Combining several established modifications to make it more adaptable for humans, the first heart was put inside retired dentist, Barney Clark. He survived for 112 days until the device died taking him with it. This invention was one of the most groundbreaking of the decade with its most modern incarnation, the SynCardia still being used today.
  • Analog Cellular Phone

    Analog Cellular Phone
    Motorola's chief engineer, John Mitchell, oversaw the development of the first Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) in North America. It's creation stemmed from mobile telephones for automobiles became too bulky and power hungry. It was a big stepping stone into the types oof phones that we have today.
  • The NES

    The NES
    Designed by Masayuki Uemera and launched in North America on October 18. The Nintendo Entertainment system was the company's first venture into home consoles. Coming two years after the video game crash of 83, the console rejuvenated home gaming and cemented Nintendo's stay in the gaming market.
  • The Game Boy

    The Game Boy
    Designed by Nintendo's chief engineer Gunpei Yokoi, the Game Boy followed the NES's popularity to create a handheld console with swappable game cartridges. It became an overnight success with it's portable and simple design along with it's evergreen selection of games. It's release inspired it's own line up of successors like the DS, 3DS, and Nintendo Switch.