5 amazing events about Civil Rights History

  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    The supreme court had a case that, was a unfair case. The case was schools of diffrent race (schools that descrimination) were unfair. Brown was very upset. So he took it to court, and then at the end of it this helped desegragate schools.
  • Rosa Parks bus boycott

    Rosa Parks refused to give up a seat on a bus. she then was aressted and Martin Luther King Jr. started a boycott in Montgomery which led to equal rights on public transportation.
  • Pearsel Plan

    In North Carolina, Govener Hodges Introduced a new plan to parents who did not want there kids to go to racially mixed schools. the govener would pay for private schools.
  • Litlle Rock Nine

    In Little Rock Arkansas there were 9 African Americans that were entering an all white school. However the state milatary (miltia) did not allow the nine to enter. Until the president sent the army to escort them in.
  • Greensboro Sit In

    In Greensboro North Carolina, 4 African America students went and sat in at a all white restraunt. There where not served, so they sat there for the whole day. The next day more people would come in and sit until there were thousands and they took shifts. This eventually led to desegragtion of restraunts.