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  • The Goliad Tornado

    The Goliad Tornado
    The second deadliest tonado in Texas which killed 114 people. It was about an 1/8 of a mile wide. It was recorded as an F4 tornado.
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    Texas Tornados

  • The Zephyr Tornado

    The Zephyr Tornado
    Rated an F4, this tornado destroyed most of the town leaving only vacant lots. It killed 34 and injured about 70. Not much is known of the tornado's path.
  • The Henderson Tornado

    The Henderson Tornado
    It killed 42 people and injured 150. It was rated an F0. This tornado was on the ground for 1.5 miles.
  • The Wood Tornado

    The Wood Tornado
    This tornado was up to a mile wide. It devestated farms and houses across the town of Wood, Camp, and Titus Counties. It killed 24 people and injured 100.
  • The Rocksprings Tornando

    The Rocksprings Tornando
    The third deadliest tornado in Texas. The F5 tornado is nearly one mile wide. It killed 74 people and injured 205.
  • The Frost Tornado

    The Frost Tornado
    Rated an F4 tornado, killed at least 25 people. Struck the town of Frost. It crossed over Ellis county and killed people in Ennis.
  • The Karnes-Dewitt Tornado

    The Karnes-Dewitt Tornado
    This tornado occured on the same day as the Frost tornado. It was an F4 tornado. It killed 36 people and injured 60.
  • The Tri-State Tornado

    The Tri-State Tornado
    The fourth deadliest tornado in Texas. Its funnel was reported at times to be between 1 and 2 miles wide. 1181 people were killed and 970 were injured.
  • The Carson Tornado

    The Carson Tornado
    Considered one of the largest twisters on record. Its path was up to an mile wide. Sixty-eight people died and the town of Glazier is destroyed.
  • The Wood Camp Tornado

    The Wood Camp Tornado
    This tornado killed 15 people and injured 100. It was rated an F4. It damaged mosty trees but some houses.
  • The Knox Tornado

    The Knox Tornado
    This tornado killed 17 people and injured 60. Rural homes near Jud, O'Brien, and Knox City were swept away. Five people were killed in just one home,
  • The Waco Tornado

    The Waco Tornado
    The deadliest tornado in Texas. Rated an F5 killed about 114 and injuring about 597 people. It destroyed about 600 homes and damaged 1000.
  • The San Angelo Tornado

    The San Angelo Tornado
    This tornado killed 13 people and injured 159. About 519 houses and 19 businesses were hit. 150 cars were blew away.
  • The Dallas Tornado

    The Dallas Tornado
    The Dallas Tornado was rated an F3. 574 structures were damaged. It injured 200 people and left 500 homeless.
  • The Orchard Tornado

    The Orchard Tornado
    This tornado was an F4. It had hail that came with it. Besides extensive tree and crop damage, no human injuries were reported.
  • The Silverton Tornado

    The Silverton Tornado
    This tornado killed 20 people and injured 80. It cut through the town of Silverton. This was the most damaging.
  • The Carendon Tornado

    The Carendon Tornado
    The tornado struck first west of Clarendon then hit the Sherwood Shores resort at Green Belt Reservoir. It killed 17 and injured 41 people. It was rated an F4.
  • The Lubbock Tornado

    The Lubbock Tornado
    This tornado was rated an F5. It destroyed over 1000 homes, 10000 vehicals, and over 100 aircraft. It killed 26 people and injured 500.
  • The Bynum Tornado

    The Bynum Tornado
    This Tornado was an F5. It killed 72 people and injured 121.
  • The Wicthita Falls Tornado

    The Wicthita Falls Tornado
    This huge F4 was a mile and a half wide. It destroyed a shopping center with numerous vehicals destroyed. It caused over 1700 injuries, destroyed over 3000 homes, and left over 20000 homeless.
  • The Paris Tornado

    The Paris Tornado
    10 people were killed in this tornado and 170 were injured. The northeren part of Paris was hit with 6 deaths occuring out in the open. It had the tornado split in half.
  • The Saragosa Tornado

    The Saragosa Tornado
    This tornado was 1/2 a mile wide when it went through Saragosa. The F4 destroyed more than 80% of the town. It killed 30 residents and injured about 121 people.
  • The Jarrell Tornado

    The Jarrell Tornado
    The F5 tornado struck portions of Jarrell killing 27 directly. It killed and disembered hundreds of cattle. Stripped bark from trees and uprooted them.