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    texas timelines

  • The Goliad Torando

    The Goliad Torando
    The Goliad Torando was very deadily, it killed 114 people. It happened in Waco in 1902. Most of the people that lost there lives, lost them in the western part of Goliad, were tons of buliding were destoryed.
  • Montague

    The this tornado number 8 formed somewhere close to the town of Zephyr, in Brown County. Near midnight and destoyed large parts of the town. it desrtoyed a high school, 3 churches and lots of businesses.
  • the bynum tornado

    the bynum tornado
    this tornado was not that serouis. only killing 10 peolpe and injuring 15. it destoyred tons of homes.
  • the wood camp tornado

    the wood camp tornado
    the wood camp tornado was a very bad tornado. it killed 12 peolpe and 26 peolpe. and it aslo estoyred tons of homes.
  • the tornado Zephyer tornado

    the tornado Zephyer tornado
    this tornado wasnt that bad. it only killed 25 people and injured 55.
  • the henderson tornado

    the henderson tornado
    this tornado killed 42 and injured 150. On the same day in Fannin County a tornado happend just lik this one. It killed 20 people and injuring 45.
  • the howard tornado

    the howard tornado
    this tornado happened in howad. killing 23 people and injuring 36.
  • The Rocks Srping Tornado

    The Rocks Srping Tornado
    This torando happened in rock springs in Edward alley. It destroyed 247 to 235 buildings. winds got up to 100 miles per hour!
  • rock springs tornado

    rock springs tornado
    this tornado hit rock springs. destroying tons of homes. it destoroyed 235 homes.
  • The Kanas - Dewitt Tornado.

    The Kanas - Dewitt Tornado.
    this tornado happened on the same day as the Frost Tornad! and they were only 3 miles apart! it only killed 30 people and injured 60 people!
  • the tupelo tornado

     the tupelo tornado
    this tornadodestoyred tons thounands of homes and buildings. it killed 233 people and injuring 700.
  • the gainsville tornado

    the gainsville tornado
    it killed 203 people and injured 236. it destroyed tons of homes and builldings. lots of lives were lost
  • The Frost Tornado

    The Frost Tornado
    This tornado was the 6th wrost tornado in texas. it toched the Hill County Border. It killed at least 40 or more people. But 258 pepole were injured.
  • The Tri- State Tornado

    The Tri- State Tornado
    this torando happened in texas but right by the border line of oklahoma. It killed 181 people and injured 970!
  • the torando in Knox County

    the torando in Knox County
    this tornado didnt cause as bad as damage as some of the other tornadoes did. all though it did killl 5 people in there home. and a total of 14 people.
  • the deadilst tornado in texas

     the deadilst tornado in texas
    This deadley tornado was struck one day after mothers day, may 11, 1953. It struck in Waco. Near A&M they started seeing a funnel shaped cone coming from the sky, then it turned into a tornado.
  • the tornado is dallas texas

    the tornado is dallas texas
    this tornado hit the dallas part of dallas and some of waco. there are 16 peolpe killed and 10 people injured.
  • the tornado in Sherwood shores

    the tornado in Sherwood shores
    this tornado struck the south side of sherwood shores. killing many people and injuring 14. leaving tos of people homeless. it also did tons of damage.
  • the lubbock tornado

     the lubbock tornado
    this tornado happened in lubbock, texas. it is rated the number 10th wrost tornado in texas. it destoyred over 1,000 homes, 10,000 cars, it killed 26 people and injured 500 people.
  • the vernon tornado

    the vernon tornado
    this funnel hit the south and east side of Vernon. killing 7 peolpe, and destrying the whole town.
  • the witchtia falls tornado

    the  witchtia falls tornado
    this tornado is marked the 5th wrost in texas. it killed a total of 42 people. it caused over 1,700 injuries and leaving 10,000 people with out homes.
  • the tornado in Paris

    the tornado in Paris
    the westeren part of paris texas was hit by a this tornado. it killed 7 people and injured 25. it was on the ground for 2.4 miles.
  • the saragosa tornado

    the saragosa tornado
    this torando is the number 9th torando in texas. it destryoed 80% of the town. it killled 21 peole and injured 300.
  • the tornado of Travis county

    the tornado of Travis county
    this tornado wasnt that serouis. it only killed 20 people, it hit the travis county and was on the ground for 1.5 miles.
  • the double creek tornado

    the double creek tornado
    this tornado occurced in jarrel county. killling 23 people and injuring 45.