Curriculum Mapping

  • LEA Improvement Team

    LEA Team writes the improvement plan; highlights the lack of a written curriculum.
  • IDOE Training

    Members of the LEA improvement team attend three days of training in Indianapolis sponsored by the IDOE featuring Janet Hale.
  • Phoenix, AZ Conference

    LEA Improvement Team (by now the cadre) plus additional building principals and teachers (13 total) attended the regional conference in Phoenix.
  • Board Presentation

    Cadre presents to the Board on Curriculum Mapping, gives background, definitions, and the why. The board is receptive to the benefits.
  • Cabinet Presentation

    Cadre presents foundational information to the newly formed Cabinet, which consists of an administrator and teacher from each building and Curriculum Chairs from both secondary and elementary.
  • Technology Vendor Presentations

    The three state-approved vendors make presentations to the Cadre, plus the corporation business director, corporation technology leaders, and additional invited administrators and teachers (most went to Phoenix).
  • Training Calendar

    Janet Hale meets with the Cadre for two days. Focus on training calendar for next school year.
  • Tech Vendor Chosen

    Curriculum Mapper is chosen as our technology vendor. Cadre is trained by Curriculum Mapper consultant.
  • Oklahoma City Conference

    Several teachers and principals (most are members of the cabinet) and two members of the Cadre (19 total) attend the CMI Regional Conference in Oklahoma City.
  • Teacher Facilitator Positions Posted

    Curriculum Mapping Teacher Facilitator positions are posted. One full-time and 2 half-time facilitators are hired.
  • CM Summer Retreat

    Janet Hale meets with the Cadre and Cabinet for a three-day Summer Retreat. Cabinet Members are trained on Curriculum Mapper and begin writing maps.
  • Park City, Utah

    Cadre and some Cabinet members and teachers (29 total) attend the CMI Regional Conference in Park City, Utah.
  • Unit Name Signifier Task Forces

    Unit Name Signifier Task Force work begins with Science and ELA.
  • Roll Out!

    Curriculum Mapping Rollout to the entire corporation. Building level presentations on the CM initiative.
  • October Madness

    Cabinet meeting %u2013 plan for District-Wide CM in-service.
    %u2022Council members are given Curriculum Mapper accounts.
    %u2022Social Studies & World Languages Unit Name Task Forces meet.
    %u2022Councils are trained on Breaking Apart Standards
    %u2022Councils are trained in CM 101 and Curriculum Mapper by Janet Hale (1 day in-service)
    %u2022Teachers are trained in CM basics by Cabinet members (1 day in-service)
    %u2022District Curriculum Chairs trained in 7 step review.