451 Farenheit Inspirational Events

By JuRock
  • Ray Bradbury was born in Waukegan, IL!

  • Period: to


    Population of the U.S was 139,928,165
    Microwave was invented in 1945
    Chick-Fillet established in 1946
  • Anne Frank dies of Typhus in a concentration camp

    Died in Early March
  • Harry S Truman Elected President

  • Period: to

    Harry S Truman is President

  • Period: to


    1st credit card invented in 1950
    Super Glue invented in 1951
    The recorder is invented in 1952
    The first bar code invented in 1952
    Television invented in 1953
    First laser invented in 1958
  • Hydrogen Bomb invented

  • Ray Bradbury dies