jamestown timeline

  • Three Ships Found Jamestown

    Three Ships Found Jamestown
    April 26 three ships saw Virginia and disided to stay and call it Jamestown
  • Starvation in Jamestown

    Starvation in Jamestown
    Over half the colony died of starvation and disieses that were spreading rapidly Dealing With the starving time later on in history
  • President Of Jamestown

    President Of Jamestown
    in 1608 John Smith was elected predident of Jamestown and made a rule
    " if you wish to eat you must work "
  • Starving Time

    Starving Time
    In the starving time people robbed graves and eatan the dead one guy accualy killed his wife and feasted on her flesh
  • Colonists Leave Jamestown

    Colonists Leave Jamestown
    Gates leaves Jamestown because of the lack of supplys and food he returnes to england then returns of news that new colonist and supplys are coming to Jamestown so he returnes
  • Pocahontas

    Pocahontas was givin the name Rabecca and married John Roulph
  • Pocahontas Dies

    Pocahontas Dies
    Pocahontas dies
  • Newley Apointed Governor

    Newley Apointed Governor
    George Yeardly arived to take post as newley appointed governor of Jamestown
  • Africans

    the first africans arived in virginia
  • Sir Francias Wyatt

    Sir Francias Wyatt
    Sir Francias Wyatt succeded sir George Yeardley when yeardleys three term for governor expired
  • Powhattan Attacks

    Powhattan Attacks
    Powhattan attacks Jamestown and leaving 347 colonists dead. lasting a decade
  • Virginia Company

    Virginia Company
    Virginia compony loses its charter
  • New England King

    New England King
    Charels the 1st became the England king he was king of England,Irelend,and of the Scothach until he was behedded