james tows settlement

  • James town

    James town
    In 1607 three ships arrived from England with 104 man and boys.
  • Starving Time

    Starving Time
    1609 was a very rough year for the colony. It was the starving time. Many people died. Settlers were unable to trade with the Native Americans for food because of poor relations with them.
  • Injured

    john smith got hurt by the gunpowder in his pocket
  • De La Warr

    De La Warr
    Lord De La Warr was appointed Governor and Captain General of the Virginia Colony on his arrival in 1610.
  • New Leader of Jamestown

     New Leader of Jamestown
    In 1611 Thomas Dale became the leader at Jamestown. He believed in strict rules.
  • Tobacco

    John Rolfe exports first crop of improved tobacco.
  • Captured

    Pocahontas captured and brought to Jamestown
  • Married

    John Rolfe and Pocahontas married at Jamestown.
  • Birth of son

    Birth of son
    Pocahontas gives birth to son Thomas Rolfe.
  • Arive at London

    Arive at London
    June 3 John Rolfe and Pocahontas arrive in London with their two year old son Thomas
  • Dies

    Pocahontas dies
  • New people

    New people
    Finding out that one can get rich growing tobacco, thousands come to Virginia.